Rehearsal notes from November 28

IMPORTANT REMINDER: We will be on the STAGE next week (December 5) for the entire rehearsal. Please proceed directly to the stage when you arrive, and get set up there. We’ll be back in the music room the following week.

Concert dress will be all black, plus a red, green, gold, or silver accent of some kind (your choice). If you would like to borrow an accessory, let Laurel know; we’ll make sure everyone has some sparkle (apart from your personalities!).

Lo, How a Rose:

  • Build the group sound from the bottom up: Always have one ear on the lowest instruments in the group (bari sax, tuba and bass). Tune to the lowest voice (this can be tricky!), and fit your sound within theirs.

In the Bleak Midwinter:

  • Phrase to the important notes (for example, the downbeat of measure 18).
  • Flutes and trumpet at measure 24, tongue all the eighth notes instead of slurring them. Flutes and clarinets do the same with eighth notes in measure 34.
  • Flutes and trumpet slow ever so slightly in the eighth note run in measure 24 going to 25 (whatever you do, don’t rush!!).

Don’t Stop Believin’:

  • Even though there are no accents written in most of this piece, we have to play them where they should be, had they been written in. For example: Saxophones at measure 15 can accent the beginnings of all three notes; flutes, oboes and first clarinets in measure 18 can accent the first and third notes.


  • At measure 39, everyone except trumpet change mf to mp; return to mp at measure 47 (this will allow the trumpet solo to come through more effectively).
  • At measure 55-56 many of you have the marking sfz – this is an abbreviation for sforzando, which means suddenly strong. In practice, it sounds like an accent with some extra oomph, a breath accent added to an articulation accent. (You all executed it very well, so don’t overthink it. If you’re not sure, listen to the horn at beat 2 of measure 55. Horns play the best sforzandi.)
  • Everyone watch the conductor at measures 74 and 76; we will slow down!

Linus & Lucy:

  • Clarinet 1 at measure 22, play the G down an octave (in the staff).
  • We will take this quicker next week; that will make it feel more comfortable.