Rehearsal notes from November 27

Great sounds tonight, everyone! You sound confident, assertive, and very musical. I look forward to spending the next couple weeks refining our concert repertoire and preparing to knock our audience’s socks off!


Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help out with the stage crew, refreshments set-up, and refreshments for the concert, and for photocopying duties next session. Your help is very much appreciated!

Thank you to Cathy and David for making sure none of us get scurvy, i.e., coordinating / bankrolling citrus orders.

A reminder I’ve been asked to share re: early arrivals: The custodian has mentioned that some people are arriving at the school very early, around 5pm. I can appreciate that some folks are probably coming directly from work but our rooms are booked from 6pm-9pm. Jackie Scheffel, EE band rep, is responsible for booking all of our ONHB space and she asks that everyone try to respect these times. They generally allow a 10-15 grace period at either end, so technically the earliest anyone should arrive is 5:45pm.

Angela’s choir, Musica Viva, will perform at Centretown United Church on Monday, December 9 at 7:30 PM. More information and tickets available here:


And Goodnight

  • Keep this gentle, quiet throughout, stay on the quiet end of all dynamic levels
  • Exaggerate the crescendo in m 17 (start getting louder right at the start of the measure, and grow the sound dramatically) then stay f until the downbeat of m 19
  • We will all take a very short breath together at the end of m 28 (we’re doing this instinctively, but let’s make it official!)
  • Keep the ff at m 29 very full and grand, but not aggressive

African Alleluia (tempo: 112)

  • We’ll gradually get quieter from m 21 – 24
  • At m 25 make sure our mf is very light, through m 29

Finale from Symphony No 1

  • Everyone at m 1-4, this is just a teaser – exaggerate the swell mm 3-4, but keep the dynamics moderate overall
  • The chromatic descending lines at mm 35-38 are coming across beautifully!
  • Bari sax and bass clarinet at mm 27-34, keep your style and articulation, but play more quietly
  • Everyone at mm 23-26 and 51-end, play these accents with more air but a bit less sharp tonguing

Mah-na, Mah-na

  • This is solid, just needs to clip along more quickly – goal tempo around 148