Rehearsal notes from November 21

Great work and great sounds, everyone! Now the real fun begins! We’ll spend some time on our chorale next week to work on refining our sense of intonation and nuances of articulation and dynamics. We’ll sound amazing at our concert!

Announcements appear immediately below, followed by rehearsal notes, followed by concert info, followed by reminders.


  • We need volunteers to bring finger food for the concert (items that don’t need heating or utensils). If you’d like to help, contact David with details of what you’ll bring – he will bring the sign-up sheet to rehearsal next week.
  • We also need volunteers – e.g., family members, friends, folks who are indebted to you in some way – to staff the doors and serve food at the concert.
  • Please remember to bring indoor shoes to rehearsal over the winter, and leave your outdoor footwear in the hallway outside the music room. This is a big help to the janitors.
  • Music Viva Singers is giving a concert on Sunday, December 2 at 2:30 PM Centretown United Church. It will be fabulous!
  • The Brookfield HS music programme is selling boxes of oranges and grapefruits as a fundraiser. A small box costs $29 and a large box costs $49. If you’d like to order a box (or more!), please bring cash (exact change) or a cheque made out to Brookfield HS to our next rehearsal, with the fruit (orange or grapefruit) and seller’s name (ONHB) on the memo line.

Edelweiss (2:40):

  • Let’s keep this gentle and lyrical throughout. Keep your ear out in your part for places where you’re meeting the melody, even if it’s just one note in a phrase (in which you’re otherwise embellishing or accompanying the melody); this will help to ground our interpretation and keep the group – and the audience – singing along.
  • Low brass, play as legato as you can through your counter-melodies.

Linus and Lucy (4ish):

  • This is really starting to swing! In the swing section, use a softer articulation on the non-accented, non-staccato notes (e.g., a ‘dah’ instead of a ‘tah’ style); this will generate more contrast between the two sections and styles in the piece.
  • When you have a long, held note in your part, be sure to get softer as soon as you’ve landed on it. Long notes in this piece should not be shaped like bricks!
  • Just a reminder that the rhythm at measures 11, 13, 31, 33, 35, 37, 55 (flutes, oboes, clarinets) and 30, 32 (alto and tenor saxes, trumpet, horn) should be played as dotted quarter, eighth, half (tied) – NOT as written.

Don’t Stop Believin'(2:20):

  • At measures 47-48 (first ending), and 47-49 (second ending) crescendo! Big, full, strong, ringing sound in the last measure!
  • We (especially the royal we) need to keep the tempo and energy up from start to finish. Keep all those quarter notes excited to move forward.

In the Bleak Midwinter (2:20):

  • Folks who play the melody starting at 25 (flutes, oboes, trumpet), breathe before the quarter note at the end of measure 28; treat that quarter note as a pick-up into measure 29.

Concert – Sunday, 16 December at 1 PM at Brookfield HS:

We will warm up in the music room at 12:20 PM. The concert starts at 1 PM, and we perform second, at 1:20 PM.Please plan to car pool, and park at the back of the parking lot after dropping off equipment. Classrooms/warm up rooms to leave cases, coats (NOT valuables, purses). Best to wear a small cross-over purse for the concert or leave your valuables at home.

Here’s the full schedule FYI:

Concert Bands: 1-3 pm
BB – 1pm Warm up 12 Rm142stage
RR – 1:20. Warm up 12:20 Rm154
CC – 1:40. Warm up 12:20 library
EE – 2 pm Warm up 12:45 Rm110+112 or library?
RC – 2:20 pm Warm up library 1:30

Jazz Bands: 4–5 pm
JJB – 4 pm Warm up 3:20 stage
DJB – 4:20 Warm up 3:30 Rm 154
TBA – 4:40 Warm up 3:40 Rm 114

Tear down from 5:15-5:45. Building closes at 6 pm.


  • All high schools in the OCDSB are locking entrances except the FRONT ENTRANCE which has video surveillance. Musicians may exit the building from any door, but ALL must enter through the front door. No doors may be propped open, nor may we allow anyone to enter the building other than via the front door.
  • When the weather turns wet and snowy, please leave muddy, wet footwear outside the rehearsal space (by the coat rack in the staff room, or the hall. slip into comfy slippers or shoes for rehearsal.