Rehearsal notes from November 20

Thanks, everyone, for your effort and attention to detail tonight! We’re making wonderful music together!



Listening links are permanently posted on a dedicated page: Rondos Fall 2019 Listening Links ( The page includes suggested practice tempos and goal performance tempos for each piece in our repertoire.


African Alleluia

  • Flutes: Take out second sixteenth in the four-sixteenths figure at mm. 6, 8, 10, 34, 36, 38 (i.e., every time it happens); that will help these phrases clip along more easily!
  • Everyone: Really accent the offbeats – exaggerate the asymmetry of this rhythm
  • Everyone: Great phrase endings throughout! They’re pristine!

And Goodnight

This piece is challenging, but we are more than up to it! The most important action to take throughout, for everyone, is to listen. The overall feel of the piece is calm and lush. Allow yourselves to play more gently and quietly (even at ff), and always be sure to keep an ear out for the melody; if you can’t hear it, bring your own sound more into the background. And if you have the melody, be extra-expressive!


Stage Crew & Refreshment volunteers needed for December 15 concert

In order for everything to run smoothly at our upcoming concert on December 15, ONHB needs the help of some volunteers for specific tasks. We are seeking 2 volunteers from each band for Stage Crew, and 2 volunteers from each band for Refreshment set-up and clean-up. There will be a refreshment coordinator for each concert as well, to be determined.

If you are able to volunteer for one of these tasks, please add your name to the sign-up sheet available at rehearsal or email Laurel. More detailed instructions for Stage Crew and Refreshment Coordination will be sent by the Stage Managers and the Refreshment Coordinator closer to the Concert date.