Rehearsal notes from December 4

Thanks for your outstanding work this evening, gang. We’ve got just one rehearsal left, and it’s going to be a blast! See you next week.


Thank you to Jackie and Cathy for making sure we had a place to rehearse tonight! They’ve put in many hours coordinating venues, instruments, and people, and we couldn’t have done this without them.


And Goodnight

Thank you for your patient, detailed work on this piece (for about 40 minutes straight!). It is complex, with multiple complementary melodies being played at the same time by different instruments. Please spend some time listening to the recording on the listening links page, and follow along with your part, to get a sense of what is going on around what you’re playing. Someone else is probably playing the same line you are at any given time, but another someone else is probably playing a different link at any given time, too!

Overall, this piece should sound (and be played) gently, warmly, lovingly, and as relaxed as possible. Trust all the preparation and work you’ve put in, and enjoy being a part of this lovely music!

Mah-na, Mah-na

Everyone who plays at mm 32-36: Add an accent to the off-beat notes (the eighth notes after the dotted quarter notes) in mm 32 and 34 to help exaggerate the difference of this unequal rhythm from the two quarter notes in mm 33 and 35. Those notes should sound like they’re happening a little too soon!

Finale from Symphony No 1

We play this piece confidently, but need to play with much more excitement and variety. Exaggerate the quieter dynamics (mp, p) especially, and think in long, 8-measure phrases, so that the piece will be more musical and interesting (for us and our audience).

African Alleluia

Everyone: Add a diminuendo (getting quieter) in m 20 and m 48, to help us transition into the quieter sections at m 21-33 and m 49