Rehearsal Notes for Oct. 3

Hello all;

On Wednesday Oct. 3rd we worked on ‘Twas in the Moon of Wintertime’ and the first section of ‘El Camino Real’

Rehearsal was short as we again went to sectionals in the second hour.

Keep focussing on listening to who has the melody and where your part fits into the fabric of the piece.  We also talked about working toward making things sound effortless.  This of course is easier said than done.  In the trumpet clinic I heard the clinician encouraging players not to ‘muscle’ through the sound. This is applicable to all of us.  He also talked about the concept of a ‘golf swing’…in reference to air flow.  The air must move all the way through the instrument not just part way.

In other clinics, I heard clinicians talking about working with a metronome and slowing fast passages down and then gradually working up the speed really helps with muscle memory.  It takes some time for the fingers to catch up with the brain sometimes.  Co-ordination between fingering and articulation also has to happen.

We will work on World War 1 Medley March (up until letter D and then will continue work on Twas in the Moon and El Camino and hopefully read through ‘A Solitary Wish’ this week.

This week the bass clarinet, bari sax and electric bass will join the low brass sectional.  French horn will join trumpets. Next week (Oct. 17th) all upper woodwinds will be together and all brass (with bass WWinds) will be together.

Happy Thanksgiving!