Rehearsal Notes for Community Concert on April 18

  • Hello Bytown Musicians,

    Great rehearsal tonight! We reviewed everything at a reserved pace, and will perhaps be able to go a slightly more daring speed next week if everyone is up for it! Our music is sounding solid! I think the dreary day had us in slow motion.


    We are playing at St. Vincent’s on 60 Cambridge St N, Ottawa, ON K1R 7A5.

    The Concert: 6:30 –  7:30 in the main Atrium, on Tuesday, April 18, 2017

    Set up from 5:15 (Percussion), You are welcome to bring family or friends to help move wheelchairs into the Atrium, visit residents, and enjoy the concert  alongside new friends.

    The parking entrance is to the south, off Primrose.  Parking passes should be brought in with you, and it will be arranged for you to exit the gate for free.

    Dress:  black on bottom and a spring-coloured top  or scarf.

    Please arrive no later than 5:40, so that we may warm up from 5:45 – 6:10. Percussion plan (Danielle), pick up at the church at 4:30 and deliver to St. Vincent’s by 5.  Anyone who can help unload and set up percussion is welcome to meet at St. Vincents between 5 -5:25 to help with set up.

    We have been asked to play HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PIERRE, Activities Coordinator, (Shh – surprise):

    Sue has sent us a version of Happy Birthday for the clarinet, tenor sax and trumpets. There should be a Bb for the key signature (all Bs are flat), but it is in French (si bemol, and the flat looks like a snowflake… I suspect because of difficulty in printing it out without a good music program)

    The flutes, low brass and bass guitar start on F (and all Bs and Es are flat)

    The alto saxes and bari sax start on D. ( and all Fs are sharp)

    The low brass and bass guitar can sing in their minds and play the notes they sing!

    Happy Bb to F

    Happy F – – to Bb

    Happy Bb– dear Eb

    Happy Bb F Bb

    The alto and bari saxes can join the harmonic outline support by playing the same, in their key:

    Happy G-– — to D

    Happy D — to G

    Happy G— to C —

    Happy G— — D G

    Order of concert:

    Happy Birthday

    89  (JS Bach Chorale – in singing style)

    14 (Our first challenging pieces, back in September.)

    31 (Twinkle Little Star/Baa Baa Black Sheep/ ABCD alphabet song/ Ah, vous-dirai je maman.

    53 Aura Lee (Old Eng)  or Love me Tender (made popular by Elvis)

    55 When the Saints Go Marching In

    186 (African-American Spiritual) flute/clarinet small ensemble

    131 Kumbaya (Africa) –  trumpets part A;  2 sax/Fr hn part B;   three low brass Part C.

    Crusade (Touring countries on our Crusade…. ) Listen carefully to these four, and see if you can tell which countries they are from!

    54 Frere Jacques (France) (three parts:   part 1: first row,  Part 2, second row,  part 3 last row)

    57  Ode to Joy – Beethoven (Germany)

    77  (Japan – Sakura, Sakura)

    Songs of Africa (no. 3 – N’kosi Sikelel’ I Afrika)

    Celtic Air and Dance (The Parting Glass;  A Fairy’s Love Song)


    Visions of Aranjuez

    Clarinet Solo   –   Felicia Persaud

    In the Wake of Spring

    The tree  “Mockingjay”

    25 or 6 to 4

    If you need a ride from the Hunt Club/Riverside area, or the Dominon Chalmers area, please let Cathy ( know by Sunday.  If anyone does need a ride from other areas, email Cathy and we will try to find a ride for you!