Rehearsal Note Week 5

In this note: 

  1. Small group clinic teacher names and rooms for 1st hour, next rehearsal, Oct. 28.
  2. Tip of the week
  3. What we covered Oct 21
  4. NOTE: In November, bring the additional as sight reading exercises – no need to practice (Birth of the Blues, All Blues, and Stay Cool from last year – I will have extra copies for those who were not with JJB last year)
  5. Save the evening of Friday, Dec. 13 – our concert at Brookfield HS!


  1. Go directly to your clinic rooms next Monday (set up, warm up-  between 6 – 6:25)

Cathy –     music room #154                       rhythm section (guitars, piano, kit, aux.)

Zac –      staff room                                     saxes and flutes

Rocco/Heather – auditorium stage        trumpets, trombones and clarinets

  1. Tip of the week:  Here is the link for the rhythm  “I know”  in Ain’t No Sunshine .   It takes a while to load, so please be patient, (blue bar at the bottom – ignore the message).  Practice one bar a day (loop it over and over), and nail it.  I recommend bar 21 to start, 22 second.  When you have two, three, etc. bars ready, try joining them.

Reminder – Warm up on long tones to develop a clean start and finish to each note and steady, elegant tone. Play each note of the blues scale for a slow whole note (count a steady 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and in your mind to practice steady, rhythmic accuracy) , each note played four times at pmpmf, and f.  These exercises, played daily, make all the difference!  Take the challenge!

  1. Congratulations!  Your hard work is showing.  We played each of these pieces through, with volunteer soloists. If you wish to try a solo, work on it at home and be ready to volunteer in the weeks to come.  Your best is good enough – try it out!

*Reminder:  You must LISTEN in order to learn jazz.  We are becoming more confident on the rhythms, but we need to be tight, together –  keep vigilant in your practice. “Woodshedding” means doing your  regular home practice.

  1. A) Listen
  2. B) Do “shadow playing” – rhythmic fingering on your instrument as you listen, before you practice on your own at your tempo of comfort and accuracy.

(listening links – click the title):

Blue Bossa

Ain’t No Sunshine 

Afro Blue 

Autumn Leaves/Les Feuilles Mortes 

Pink Flamingo Night (Sorenson) pro band – excerpt

Pink Flamingo Night (Sorenson) – high school band