Rehearsal Note Week 4


In this note: 

  1. Small group clinic teacher names and rooms for 1st hour, next rehearsal, Oct. 21.
  2. Tip of the week
  3. What we played at rehearsal Oct 7
  4. Save the evening of Friday, Dec. 13 – our concert at Brookfield HS!
  5. Save October 21 to go out for an hour following rehearsal. Location TBA close to Brookfield.


  1. Go directly to your clinic rooms next Monday (set up, warm up-  between 6 – 6:25)

Neil –     music room #154                       rhythm section (guitars, piano, kit, aux.)

Zac –      staff room                                     saxes and flutes

Rocco/Heather – auditorium stage        trumpets and clarinets

Colin –   probably same place as last time, beside staff room      trombones

  1. Tip of the week: Steps to soloing include playing one, two and three note solos (use the notes of the Concert Bb Blues scale) with the rhythm section accompaniment recording (page 15 in First Place for Jazz). Next, you need to be able to play the tune by memory (in the same key as the arrangement, of course).  You can try playing the tune by ear, along with the listening links, as the tune is always presented near the beginning of the piece after a short intro of 4 – 8 measures. A good improvisation is the tune, embellished.  Learning to improvise takes a lifetime, so don’t rush it – enjoy the process!

Reminders –  Don’t neglect your warm up on long tones to develop a clean start and finish to each note and steady, elegant tone. Play each note of the blues scale for a slow whole note (count a steady 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and in your mind to practice steady, rhythmic accuracy) , each note played four times at p, mp, mf, and f.  These exercises, played daily, make all the difference!  Take the challenge!

  1. We focused on the first two tunes below in full band rehearsal, and worked on challenging bits from our repertoire (see week 3 note) in clinics. (listening links – click the title):

Blue Bossa  We played measures 1 – 39  this week   Reminders– OFF BEATS in bar 9, etc – think of beating beat 1 in measure 10.  Practice with a metronome set to eighth notes (two clicks per quarter note) very slowly, counting 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and  in your head, to check for accuracy in placement of each note. This seems tedious, but ALL MUSICIANS, even the pros, do this slow work to make sure tricky passages are clean.  Observe the dotted half note+ eighth pattern in m 19- we need to be “tight” on this!

NEXT:  m 63-78 and if you are looking for a challenge – try playing the tune by memory with the listening link

Ain’t No Sunshine   We played m 1 – 19 and 28 – 36 (trombones have tune and others echo a variant of their tune.        Reminder: consolidate the rhythms from 1 – 19, 28 – 36.

NEXT: trombone feature m 25 – 28  (in band the other winds will start work together on the pattern from 19 – 25, which we all share)

Afro Blue     Reminder: In earlier rehearsals we played measures 5- 12

NEXT:  work on m 21 – 28, and if mastered, then 15 – 21 (*guitar solo with rhythm section from 9 – 12)

Autumn Leaves/Les Feuilles Mortes    We have played measures 1 to 27 in past rehearsals.   Reminders –  m 9-19, rhythm pattern A, B, B, A   (more precisely – fl/sax  measures 4 and 10 are same rhythm, and m 6 and 8 are the same rhythm.       tr/cl measures 12 and 18 are same rhythm, and 14 and 16 are the same rhythm.

NEXT:  Keep working for rhythmic accuracy from 9- 19, m 20 – 27 *CLINICS –work on soli sections (fl/sax at m36, tr,cl, m 44)

Pink Flamingo Night (Sorenson) pro band – excerpt

Pink Flamingo Night (Sorenson) – high school band Ex.A  Bb Blues Scale page 14, piece page 16 -17 with great two and three note solos using the flat 3, 4, and 5 of the scale.

Reminder:  You must LISTEN in order to learn jazz.  This week, listen to some great blues artists.  Ella Fitzgerald is at the top of my list. If you are new to blues and a foodie, check out Suzie Vinnick or Stevie Ray Vaughn’s versions of “Oreo Cookie Blues”.  If your love life is ready for recharging, try James Taylor’s “Steamroller” – I can’t decide if I prefer his earlier version or one of his more recent versions.

NEXT: Play improv practice (page 15) again this week in IPS (Smart Music or Free Interactive Practice Studio).  Try the suggested written solo from m 29 if you are looking for an extra challenge.

  1. and 5. Mark your calendars.   More info to follow!

Happy Thanksgiving!