Rehearsal Note October 22- 29

Hello Jazz Musicians,
Thanks to Glenn for his help this week. I think it must be devilishly hard to learn new pieces without the usual support of clinics, specialist music teachers, and my feedback.  We are all doing our best. If you have any difficulties whatsoever, please do send me an email – this is the only way I can “hear” you.  I am planning to offer a free help session for those with burning questions or in need of assistance with a tricky rhythm, on Monday, November  2 at  3 p.m. You can drop by and ask your question, and you are welcome to stay and listen in to the other questions and help.  I will send the link on Nov. 2 in the morning.
Just a reminder!  In the spirit of fun, this week you are welcome to –
wear special accoutrements, makeup, or a scary hair style for Halloween
OR create a Halloween mood in your practice area (Sorry- no candy bowl to contaminate your instrument!)
OR wear your PJs to celebrate the change to daylight savings
OR come as you just as you are, and play a scary, dissonant note from time to time!
During Break Out “Social and Share Music Tips” time, I have a jazzy improvisation challenge for you.  There is no such thing as a mistake.  (with thanks to Margaret Toboloska!)
Experiment and find a sound or short improvised melody (seven notes maximum) – try various ideas out:
A weird sound your instrument can make.
The saddest sound your instrument can make.
I will be asking for three volunteers to give us samples before we go to Break Out.
Here is our playlist for October 29  
Warm up: Shallow 
Main Tunes (slow version, then full tempo-play what you can!)
Isn’t She Lovely 
Blue Skies
Sunny Side of the Street
Extra challenge piece:  (Try it out, or listen as you prepare for Break TIme.)
Cute (drum solo!)  
I will send the rehearsal link on Thursday afternoon