Rehearsal Note Nov 18-25

Congratulations!  We played through the pieces and timed them.  We are playing the pieces almost at tempo and with increasing confidence, dynamic nuance and rhythmic accuracy (tight).  Now we are ready to add phrase shaping.  Once you have the technical and rhythmic aspects mastered, you can really relax and ENJOY the pieces!  It feels great and sounds amazing when this is achieved!
1. Dave Jones passed along that there is a jazz jam tonight (Thursday).  Details:
2. Concert News :
Next week we will decide on our concert dress.
Stage Crew & Refreshment volunteers –
We are seeking 2 volunteers from each band for Stage Crew (thanks to Tomas for being number 1!) and 2 volunteers from each band for Refreshment set-up and clean-up. Thank you to Hedy and Sarah for volunteering to be the refreshment coordinators for the Jazz Concert.
If you are able to volunteer for one of these tasks, please add your name to the sign-up sheet available at rehearsal next week, or email me.
Tip of the Week:
As the concert approaches, really dedicate yourself to regular, daily practice to build the muscles, and muscle memory that will carry you through the natural flutters and adrenaline of being on stage.  Music and athletics are similar- no “cramming” for the big event is possible. Your routine should include long tones with a steady air air stream, centered pitch and beautiful tone, scales (chromatic, blues), and slow work on tricky sections, and playing pieces with metronome, take a break and listen to the recording, then play for fun, choosing various tempos, then play with the recording.Autumn Leaves/Les Feuilles Mortes    this recording is at 138,  but I like metronome 132 and the tapered-off ending we have worked out.

Ain’t No Sunshine   metronome 84-86

Blue Bossa  metronome 146

Afro Blue    metronome 160

All Blues (Miles Davis – Michael Sweeney arr – from book “Best of Easy Jazz” 

This week,  add this“bring back” from our past to sight read.  I will bring extra copies for those who haven’t played this one in past.  Stay Cool! by Vince Gassi.

More on the Blues – 
Here is a basic Bb (B flat) Blues progression on YouTube. Play along every day, and improvise.   Use notes from the blues scale and the chords on page 14 in First Place in Jazz.

Can you identify the chord changes in this blues song?  ( Using the three chords I, IV, V).
Murray Porter sings blues-  “Highway 16”
(If you want to play along, it is in “concert pitch E” blues (E, G, A, A#, B, D, E).)
Jump Blues Track – same chord progression, but with a walking bassline that outlines the chords (arpeggio-style).  Jumpin’ Jazz Band has to give this a try next week-  in Bb!
12 bar blues and the Boogie Woogie  bass line-
Here is a 10 minute presentation on the chords I, IV, V, showing how chords are constructed, and examples of songs by the Beatles, Dylan, REM that are also based on the 1-4-5 chords, as is the Blues. The piano allows you to visualize the chords, as chords are built by skipping every other note.
Happy practicing!