Rehearsal Note Nov. 25 – Dec 2


Hello JJB Musicians,

Please review carefully.  Elaboration follows on each of the following points:

  1. Pre-registration for current JJB members who wish to return to JJB this winter. 
  2. December 13th Concert dress
  3. Volunteer help is needed for December 13th Concert.  Please see below the areas where your help is needed.
  4. Rehearsal Note for Nov 25 (below) and guest conductor this Monday!
  5. Facilities reminders- no wet footwear in classroom/on stage. No arrivals before 5:45 pm


  1. Registration for JJB Winter 2020.  (note that registration for Downtown Jazz Band (DJB) will follow the same process for the winter 2020 session as DJB is also full at 41 members, although a spot or two may open up for specific instruments).
    • Pre-registration will be open  Dec 1-3 for current JJB members who wish to return to JJB this winter.
    • Your JJB spot will only be held until Dec 3
    • After Dec 3, registration will be open to other ONHB  members for certain instruments.
    • Remaining openings for JJB (and DJB) will be announced on the ONHB website on Dec 4-5.
    • Any ONHB musicians interested in applying to the remaining openings may email the band leader on Dec 5-6.
    • Registration opens to the general public on Dec 11.  While the registration will accept all registrants, with no filter, the webmaster will be monitoring the registrations.
  2. December 13th Concert dressblack top and black bottom, with red, green, gold or silver accessories.
  3. Volunteer help needed for December 13th concert:   Please see Art this Monday to sign up. All the sign up sheets must be completed on Monday as they are needed by concert organizers by Dec 6.
    • Stage crew – Stage manager Dave (DJB) needs helpers
    • Refreshment set up at 5:40 -6:00 pm. Coordinators Sarah & Hedy need helpers, preferably non-musicians
    • Refreshment clean up 9:30-10 pm. Coordinators Sarah & Hedy need helpers
    • Everyone is asked to sign up to bring one of the following:  juice OR cheese and crackers, cookies OR squares/sweets, OR veggies/ fruit.
  4. Rehearsal notes for November 25th.
  • Thank you all for the brave, creative improvising in the 12 Bar Blues and all our new soloists in our tunes!
  • This week we focused on the openings and endings for each chart, and these are feeling more confident.
  • Over the past two weeks, we have developed strategies like “Team A, Team B” to tighten up sections where the rhythms are tricky (jazz bands are typically smaller, with one player per part, and in certain sections, we need to do this for clarity of rhythm)  and we have cut out players in some sections for effect.
  • Please check with someone in your section if you missed a rehearsal, to make sure these are marked in your music
  • Please note in music:

 “Ain’t No Sunshine”,
Clarinets only (no trumpets) at measures 12-19 the first time through.  Clarinets AND trumpets play at DS, m 13, (aka second time through.)

Autumn Leaves”

a fade out is effected by cutting to two players, four bars from the end. Then cut to 1 player per section in the last two measures.

NOTE For December 2, Neil Bateman, retired music teacher and rhythm section clinician, will come on Monday in the second half to give us feedback on our balance, blend, dynamics and other polishing tips.  We will have time for a few more new soloists in the first half, and I will nominate some willing soloists in the second half to play for Neil.

Soloists for the concert will be decided December 9.


  1.  Facilities reminder–  I’ve been asked to remind you about arrival time for rehearsals. The custodian has mentioned that some people are arriving at the school very early, around 5pm on some rehearsal nights. I can appreciate that some folks are probably coming directly from work but our rooms are only booked from 6pm-9pm. Jackie Scheffel, EE band rep, is responsible for booking all of our ONHB space and she asks that everyone respect these times. The schools generally allow a 10-15 minute grace period at either end, so technically the earliest anyone should arrive is 5:45 pm.  Thanks for your help!