Rehearsal Note March 3

It was a pleasure to meet and work with you. Thank you for a fun rehearsal on a very rainy night!  For those who could not make it, we missed you!  Even if you have missed a few practices because of illness, weather or travel, and are perhaps feeling behind, the band is a team – everyone plays an important role. If one musician needs to drop a note to breath, the others have it covered.  We help each other, and are stronger together. The concert is just over 6 weeks away – plenty of time yet. Just remember – your best is good enough!

Here is what was practiced at rehearsal:

EE: 147 Concert Bb scale, 103, 108 (On Top of Old Smokey) – phrasing, one note in each phrase is more important (examples: highest note, or beat 1 in the middle of the phrase, or the emphasis of a particular word/syllable in the lyrics.), page 43 first two lines of rhythms, playing a chord based on the first note of the scale (the I chord)

Ride:  Great rhythmic accuracy, folks!  Work on accents – Clean articulation, extra energy on the attack

Arikara: We played to the time change.  Percussion – you set the magical, ethereal tone ( tickle – flow).  Wind players (brass and woodwinds), practice the soft, clean entries on your notes, to continue the ethereal effect.  Build gradually, and don’t forget to taper off at the end of each phrase.  Your last note should be soft!  This is not easy – daily practice is key!

Advance of the Roman Legions:  Majestic march –    Winds: breath- lots of air – then low and strong, say, “LUKE, I AM YOUR FATHER”) , then play with that full sound and energy.  Percussion: Slow and relaxed, with a metronome.  It will come with patient, slow, relaxed practice this week.

Efficient practice includes:

Stand or sit tall to practice. Shoulders should be relaxed (roll back and drop them away from your ears). Feet firmly planted.  Arms relaxed (heavy), then try to retain as much relaxation in the arm as possible as you bring your instrument (or mallets) into position.

1 Winds – warm up with long tones, focusing on a clean start and finish to each note, steady beautiful sound   Percussion – warm up with steady quarter notes, after checking mallet grip – 1/3 up the stick, grip with thumb and first knuckle of index –  stick should pivot. “Pull” the sound out of the instrument, rather than thinking of “hitting”.  (Wrist action)

  1. Slow down the tricky measures, loop them, and lock in the rhythms and articulations, then gradually increase the speed slightly.
  2. Listen to the piece on the listening links (hear your part?)
  3. Play the piece at your tempo with a steady beat (metronome).

Tip of the week-

In many bands, musicians host two or three others for a group practice – (some even get together weekly!).  Small group sectionals are a great way to get to know each other. Practicing together keeps everyone honest, and it is fun!

Concert Reminder:  afternoon – Sunday, April 19 at Brookfield HS

Event Reminder:  Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind Fundraiser –  an evening of jazz music (dance or listen) by ONHB Jazz Band TWO BEATS AHEAD on Saturday, April 4 7:30 pm at Orchard View 6346 Deermeadow Dr. Greely    Tickets $20 in advance – Cathy will deliver tickets to BBB – cash only.

Percussion section – see you early next week to put some extra elbow grease on Advance of Roman Legions.