Rehearsal Note March 18 – 25

Hello JJB,
Thank you for giving it your all in our “straight through the repertoire” rehearsal.  It is helpful to see how you feel, and how your embouchure will handle a one-hour performance.  With our music in order and  water bottles at the ready, our performance will flow smoothly and not exceed our audiences’ attention.
I know we are all looking forward to our clinic with Neil Yorke-Slader this coming Monday.  Don’t stress – Neil is an educator, and he will give us awesome tips for sounding even better – (and we are sounding very good!)  We will focus on our pieces for April 14 concert:   All My Lovin’,  Feeling Good,  Mixed Bag.  Bring any questions you have!
We have 10 tickets now set aside for the April 6 Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind event at Orchardview in Greely.  It is not too late. If you would like to join in this social outing for JJB, hear some great jazz, and support our fellow jazz musicians in Two Beats Ahead, ONHB, please send me a quick email and indicate if you need a ride or could offer a ride to fellow musicians.
Here is a great photo of Palmer, who will be such a gift to his partner.
Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind is interested in finding puppy raisers.

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Please put your music is this order for our April 1 social event at St. Louis Bar & Grill, Elgin at Gladstone.  These links are in (the new) order for happy practicing:
Darker Shade of Gray (Jazz book) (solos – Pamela -tr, Patti – sax, John – bari, Wally – tr)

Into the Sun(Solos: Prab – electric guitar, Errol – trumpet (with background chorus) Percussion solos: m 45 Anne – Bongos,     m 47 Art – guiro (Marcia absent),  m 51  Geoff – kit,     m53  Art – timbale or bongo with mallets?/shaker ,   m 55 Kody  claves

Mixed BagSolos: 1. tmb Al, Kristyn, Hedy;   2. sax Ron, Chris;     3. tr   Errol, Danielle

Stay Cool

Round Midnight(first half of song, play to the first note of measure 39, play it as a whole note with a pause, and cut off when signalled,  Solo – Kody)

So What

It Don’t Mean a Thing(don’t play A or B- cross out these exercises) DS to m 25

Ain’t Misbehavin’ (piano solo- Jen)

MoondanceSolos m 4 Dave H. tenor , m 61 Dave A. + Sue cl, M 92 Sue cl,  M 101 Errol tr  or  alto sax Holly, Chris

Feeling Good

All My Lovin’


CaravanEnjoy practicing this one at home, but we will not be performing it as we will focus on polishing –  The three pieces for the April 14 concert:   All My Lovin’,  Feeling Good,  Mixed Bag   (our band will warm up right after the concert band finishes-  around 4:10, and perform as soon as the stage is ready.  Refreshments will be from 4:15 – 4:45.  Your fans should be in their seats at 4:45 at Woodroffe United Church in the Sanctuary.    

From Doug (trombone) Below is a news clip from Alan Neal’s afternoon show on CBC that aired last Wednesday. It’s a spot on Alison Young (Lisgar?) who got recognized at a Kiwanis music festival, given a sax, and now is Juno nominated. She was invited to play with Cory Hart on his new album and it features some of her solo from that album — about the 6:00 minute mark — impressive!  Alison Young will be playing Jazzfest June 27th at the 6:30 show. This may be of interest to the sax players, maybe the whole band?