Rehearsal Note March 10

Great rehearsal, Bytown Band!  Thank you for your dedication and practice over the past week. It shows!

No Rehearsal During March Break next week.

Here is what was practiced at rehearsal, with tips:

EE:  Warm up Lines 86, 87, 89, (great to do daily with a metronome, thinking of posture and playing with a full sound and clean articulation (energy and air/tonguing) and percussion, pulling the sound from the drum head (wrist action), and GGJ Lines 119, 120.  These last two are especially for clarinets to practice going over the break. Thanks to Erik for his solo demonstrating this to the band! Remember, no matter which instrument you play, – POSTURE, FEET PLANTED, RELAXED SHOULDERS/ARMS, ANGLE, HAND POSITION/GRIP, ENERGY/STRONG AIR FLOW, GOOD VIBRATION/BUZZ- all are KEY to getting a good sound!

Listening Links Tip of the Week:   Each day, click on each title below, perhaps just before practicing, or while doing chores. Become familiar with the map of the piece. Observe when your instrument plays the tune or a supporting role.  How does your instrument sound add to the mood of each piece? Are there important notes in the melodic line to give shape to the phrases. Do dynamics change gradually, or in steps?


Opening –  Flowing percussion (get the good wind chimes from the stage next rehearsal), dynamic shapes, and tapering the sound to create an effective mood.   Fast Section –  Note the tempo change, and lock in to the beat with clear, rhythmic playing.

Advance of the Roman Legions

Majestic march – full sound, energy. When everyone freezes after playing, it makes the ending dramatic and very polished!

Percussion: Slow, with relaxed arms and controlled steady rhythms, with a metronome click (“Simple metronome” phone app, or an inexpensive metronome from the music store.)  Continued patient, slow, relaxed practice will pay off in the long term. Very gradually increase in the metronome speed .

Ghost Ship

You play this with feeling and musicality.  Well done! It reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean!


Who knew that Anne could play at such a speed?  Continue with the steady, slower Reggae tempo, and feel a strong pulse on the first beat of each bar, and perhaps feel subtle dynamic levels, like stair levels for each bar.

Concert Reminder:  afternoon – Sunday, April 19 at Brookfield HS

Event Reminder:  Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind Fundraiser –  an evening of jazz music (dance or listen) by ONHB Jazz Band TWO BEATS AHEAD on Saturday, April 4 7:30 pm at Orchard View 6346 Deermeadow Dr. Greely    Tickets $20 in advance – Cathy will deliver tickets to BBB – cash only.

Happy practicing!