Rehearsal Note for October 3

Hello Riverside Rondos,

Glad to hear that everyone is getting a lot from the clinics during the first hour.  While we may be at different levels as musicians, we are supportive of each other, and are here to learn and have fun!  The philosophy of New Horizons is “Your best is good enough”!

During your home practice, remember to use lots of air to make an in- tune and beautiful sound.  Choose measures that are challenging, and “loop them”, playing them several times in a row.  Next week, clinics will take place as usual, with a reminder for the following room changes:

Oboe  – 115

Sax   – 112

Trumpet – 142 (staff room)

Low Brass  -143 (beside staff room)

Electric Bass – 114

Clarinet – 108 (library)

Listening Links:

In the Bleak Midwinter  (Holst  – Bullock)

Linus and Lucy (Guaraldi – Murtha)  *rhythm may be altered for flute, oboe and clarinet at mm 11, 13,31, 33 to dotted quarter, eighth, half note – TBD

Lo, How a Rose (Praetorius – Vincent)  (band recording unavailable, however this choral version should inspire long, musical phrasing supported by lots of air!

Edelweiss (Hammerstein/Rodgers – Moss)  recording begins at measure 13

Please consider serving on our social committee for Riverside Rondos.  You can survey the group for ideas.  One idea might be to meet up for dinner before rehearsal at a nearby restaurant.  Broadway Bar and Grill at Prince of Wales and Fisher saves a record of all receipts of ONHB musicians, which will benefit our band someday in the future.

Mark your calendars:

ONHB Concert    – Sunday, December 16    1:30 pm  Brookfield HS

Have a great long weekend, and happy practicing!