Rehearsal Note for Oct 8 – Oct 22

Hello Jazz Musicians,

Great to see you all, from my enhanced rehearsal set up (extra monitor) at our son’s one bedroom Toronto unit.  The Break Out Room finally worked, and the percussion and trombone meetings which I joined were fun!  I believe we can use the break out rooms to exchange ideas, ask questions and share experience – a little like a sectional clinic and social time, rolled into one.
As usual, ONHB has scheduled a week off (extra Thanksgiving practice time!).  You will receive the Zoom link (the same link that is in your calendar) on Thursday, October 22.
Playlist for Oct 22:
Warm up: Splanky (once through at tempo)
Main Tunes (slow version, then full tempo-play what you can!)
Isn’t She Lovely 
Blue Skies
Sunny Side of the Street
Extra challenge piece (join in, or prepare for Break Out Rooms – your choice!)
Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving weekend!