Rehearsal Note for February 14, 2018

What’s New?

Week 5 –   Following the full band rehearsal, we broke off into 3 sections:  saxes with Richard Page, flute/clarinet/trumpet/trombone with Daniel Desgros, rhythm section (drums/guitar + keyboard).  A main theme in the wind sections was THINK BIG:  big breath, big air stream, big contrast (long/ short; strong/weak; loud/soft, sforzando accent + suddenly soft and grow in second half of the note value).  Circle the important notes that you are aiming towards in each phrase.

Practice Tip:  take a small sound bite (like measures 37 – 38 in My Dinner w R.) Repeat slowly, then gradually faster, with attention to the attack (sforzando –  “f-p- crescendo”) followed by strong Doot.  (Don’t forget the old practice tip – Listening IS practice!  Use the links in previous rehearsal notes)

We Played :

Scales: Concert Bb, Bb Mixolydian(flat seventh), Bb Dorian (flat third and seventh – minor “Newfoundland folk song” sound) and the associated  arpeggios (broken seventh chords), and  Daniel’s group played the Blues Scale starting on Bb  *See back inside cover of the red book Essential Elements of Jazz, lines 1 and 5.

Jammin’ with Charlie  (focus on measures 1-4, 55- end –  articulations, rhythmic precision, mf laid-back feel from 55 and pull back sound on long notes, after accent loud/soft – gradually build up)

My Dinner with Ronald (measures 41- 53) accent and drop volume on long notes.

Frankenstein  (measures 1 – 12, saxes 13 – 24 and 27 – 32, and all winds measures 74 to end)

                  It Don’t Mean a Thing  (saxes measures 17 – 25, 31 – 39, 70 – end,  all winds – measures 25 -39, 59-60)

                 25 or 6 to 4  (only some groups got to look at measures 41 – 49, 33 – 41, Coda to end)

The Latest News: 

Our long-anticipated social outing is next Wednesday, February 21  following rehearsal  at “Hometown Sports” on Bank just north of Heron. Hope you can make it for your favourite beverage (mine is tea), nachos, and to meet band members face-to-face for some great conversation. Let’s hope that the weather cooperates!

February 21 Rehearsal Format:   

6:30- 7:30  two sectionals:  winds (music room) and rhythm  section ( the large practice room)

7:30 – 7:40 short break

7:40 – 8:40 full band rehearsal

8:45  –  Hometown Sports outing

Listening to Jazz Greats: