Rehearsal March 7, 2017 (and bonus rehearsal 14th)

Rehearsal Notes

Essential Elements: We played lines 77, 86, 91, 121, 123, 131. We need to remember contrast in our dynamics, so the audience can hear it.

In the Wake of Spring: be mindful of who has the melody. They need to be heard! If you have the melody and it is marking p then it is more like mf so it will be heard. We would like long flowing notes, so please hold all notes for full value.

Visions of Aranjuez: We got to m. 57 in this one. Practice slow and slowly build it up, but remember the conductor controls the tempo in rehearsal! Listen to this one and circle when you have the melody (or the most moving part) in your part, so you remember when to play out and when to listen.

25 or 6 to 4:  This is really starting to gel!  We can see a lot of practice time has gone into this fun piece!  Clarinets were offered a PART 3, which is all below the break.  Attention to dynamics and clearly articulating the rhythms will polish this piece right up!  Ron has sent this youtube link to a lively 70s performance of this Chicago tune, not by the group Chicago…. the Doobie Brothers, Earth, Wind and Fire…    check it out!

Celtic Air and Dance:  In this piece, it helps to have the sections that change tempo or are at a new tempo memorized, especially for the percussionists.  This may not be as hard as you think!  Try playing these bars with no music.

Songs of Africa (SONG #3):   This song is an anthem, so make your part sing out…. Every note should get it’s full value, and a full, rich tone (support your sound from the abdomen, with lots of air).

Our pieces are coming along very well!  Keep up the good work!

Next Week Plan:

EE: 86,54, 57, 77 (dynamics), 91, 97, and clarinets: 123, 126, 131

For extra challenge, try 110 and 113

Although there is officially no rehearsal during the March Break, many of us decided to meet and play through our pieces Tuesday, March 14 at the usual time!  The church graciously gave us the basement (Fellowship Hall) for our practice.

As part of your practice routine, please listen first. We will be looking at each of the pieces (including Songs of Africa song 3), so please pick out the more challenging sections and focus on them. Start slowly (the secret is to practice with a metronome!) and then gradually work up the part (break it into bite-sized chunks and “woodshed it”).

Important Dates:

NotePlease save April 18 for the seniors residence concert

Sunday, April 9, 2017 at 3pm   Concert  at Dominion Chalmers (we will need to arrive early, around 1:30 for a 2 pm warm up on stage)

Tuesday, April 11 extra rehearsal (to play through all our repertoire for the senior residence concert

Tuesday, April 18 Senior’s residence concert

Saturday, May 6 1:20- 6:30 Intercity Band Clinic for New Horizons Bands from Ottawa (we are hosting!), Potsdam, NY, and Montreal, PQ


Links:’_iAfrika (interesting info on Song #3 from Songs of Africa, a song which features several languages! Read more, including translation!)  (powerfully sung by Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Paul Simon, Miriam Makeba and the audience)     (sung by Soweto Gospel Choir)   (with pictures, a tribute to Nelson Mandela)

Songs of Africa (arr Johnnie Vinson)     (This is the band that we have.  It includes three African songs, and the third one starts at 2 minutes 47 seconds, so you can choose to skip to it, but all three songs are great!)


Celtic air and Dance

In the Wake of spring:

Songs of Africa

Visions of Aranjuez

25 or 6 to 4:

Our version (level 2, incomplete recording)

Marching band level 2-3 arrangement, full piece for listening :