Rehearsal 6 Note

Things are starting to sound great!  There are some areas that need tidying up, rhythmically, and slow practice and listening to the links (see previous notes) are key!
Tip of the Week:
Hedy recommends the app Voice Recorder.  You record the music link as it plays from your computer, and then you can play it back at .5 (half speed), which is helpful for really hearing your part and how it fits in the piece.  Hearing the soloist playing behind the beat is a bit disconcerting, but  when you play it at tempo it works as a style choice. I used this app to record measures 19 – 25 of Ain’t No Sunshine for you (sent via email).
Social outings 
– JJB Monday, November 4 – O’Brien’s on Heron after rehearsal with Colin Williamson. See you all the following week, November 11 for rehearsal. Remember to bring the other three charts (see week 1 – 2 note) for sight reading.
– Prime Rib Big Band concert is 6 Nov at 8:00 pm.  Cover charge $10.  Details at They will be playing all of the material from the album they will be cutting at Irene’s.  To be sure to get a table, you can go for dinner in advance of the music.  You will undoubtedly see JJB people there – guaranteed!
 The link to hear Ain’t No Sunshine‘s tricky measures 19 – 25 has been sent to you via email.  I play high for one measure, and an octave* lower for the alternate measures, so you hear each measure distinctly. If anyone wants me to send a link of another measure that is causing you issues, I will be glad to help.  Send me an email, and I will email it to you, personally, before I leave on Friday.
*octave  (8 notes away, same note name but in a different register, higher or lower.)