Recordings + May 1

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Bossa Madeira =

River Rat Shuffle =

Mr. P.C. =

Billie Jean =

*NEW* Fly me to the Moon


May 1

We will be working on Mr. P.C., Bossa Madeira, River Rat Shuffle, and Billie Jean.  Give those tunes a listen with your parts in front of you and circle the harder sections for extra practice.  The tempos are a little fast in the recordings, so don’t be intimidated, we will be slowing them down and working on them over the next few weeks.

If you are new to JJB, keep working on your swinging 8th notes (doo-BAH-doo-BAH-doo) and review some of the soloing techniques introduced by Dave last rehearsal.

See y’all on Tuesday 🙂