RC: Show Info

Your contribution to the band is both welcome and appreciated, and your best is good enough.

Hello Rideau Cadences,
We’ve made it to Show Weekend! Thank you all so much for a lovely Fall Term and the opportunity to get to know you. I’ll be walking all over the place to the beat of 5/4 for the next while.
Also a huge thank you to Susan (horn), Tomas (tuba/bass trombone), and David H (tenor sax) for their help organizing behind-the-scenes!
1. Reminders/Announcements
a) Social next Wednesday! Broadway’s Bar and Grill. Fisher Avenue at Prince of Wales Ave.
Arrive around 6pm to end est. 830pm
(rencontre sociale mercredi prochain)

b) Register for next session! The public list is open and it is now first come first serve. Laurie is very much looking forward to being with you once again. Band lists are being made for 18 Dec for band leaders to consider their best music options. (enregistrez-vous pour la prochaine session au plus tôt)
c) Bring refreshments on Sunday! (apportez un gouter à partager dimanche si possible)
d) Reminder we are playing Patapan as the encore as people leave!
e) Wear black/black with any seasonal decorations and colours.
f) Consider carpooling. Additional parking across the street at the government buildings (check signage for Visitors parking).
2. Procedure for show at Brookfield High School (824 Brookfield Rd)
i. 15 December 2-4:30PM. Set up arrives at 12:30. Drop off refreshments in lobby where tables will be set up. No access to a kitchen.
ii. RC – (Warm up at 1:25 pm in room 115)
iii. Leave cases and coats in warm-up rooms (no valuables, keys, or purses).
iv. Performance order:
2:00 – 2:15 – BB
2:25 – 2:40 – RR
2:50 – 3:05 – OO
3:15 – 3:30 – EE
3:40 – 3:55 – CC
4:05 – 4:20 – RC (report to music room at 3:55)
*refreshments in lobby
6pm – out

v. To enter the stage, line up by section in the hallway to enter STAGE RIGHT. There will be a runner who will have percussion enter first.

Exit the stage down the stairs into the auditorium (stage left). Heavy instruments to the music room to drop off.

c) Refer to week 1’s notes for the practice chart.
-Dec 15 Concert Bands concert at Brookfield HS
Take On Me
Scarborough Fair
Patapan (encore)
Broadway’s Bar and Grill
Fisher at Prince of Wales Ave.
6pm-est. 830

3. Recordings
Patapan by Shelley Hanson

Reboot by Robert Buckley

Take on Me arranged by Tim Waters

Variations on “Scarborough Fair,” by Custin Custer