RC Dec. 8

Just one more rehearsal before the concert.

I am attaching an article on tuning that you may find helpful.  As you know the tuning process is not an exact science.  Every instrument has it’s own idiosyncrasies and of course brands of instruments and mouthpieces affect the process as does temperature and humidity.  Please take the time to review the little paragraph for your instrument and try this at home.  I think you will find this very helpful.  If you don’t have a tuner, there are many apps available as well as online tuners to help.  Always play up to the tuning note..this helps center the pitch and will give a more accurate representation of the pitch.

The tuning process

Also I am attaching an updated seating arrangement for our concert.  I have moved the basses so that this section is more together.  I think this will help balance the overall sound better and help the basses hear each other better.  We will try it on Wed. hopefully it will work for everyone..I do understand if it doesn’t. (sent by email)

Please continue to listen to each other and of course keep your eye on the conductor.  Continue to think about how you enter the sound.like you are taking the baton from the section that has gone before.  Of course continue to work on those fast passages …and clarity and consistent articulation.

The band has made great progress with these selections and it is going to be a great performance.  Don’t forget to sign up to bring snacks and to invite friends.

We are wearing black with a splash of colour…

Thanks so much!!

See you Wednesday!