RC 4 October 2017

Happy Thanksgiving RC,

A few reminders:

1. Next weeks rehearsal will be the same format as last weeks, with sectionals in the first half. Moving of chairs and tables will be the same too. Thanks to all for making the transitions so smooth.

2. Remember to make a note of sections in any of the pieces you would like to go over in your sectional.

3. A reminder in case it is raining (hopefully we don’t need to worry about the white stuff for a while yet…) to please dry off your shoes on the mats before you walk down the halls. Winter boots will need to be removed at the door once the time comes.

4. Last year people liked it if we let them know what we would be working on in full band, so you could organise your practise. This week Angela will be working on Hallelujah and 5’2” and Gordon will be working on Sleigh Ride, Belle of Chicago and the Albinoni (if time permits).

5. Last week’s note has now been posted on the website, and the link for the Festival Prelude has been changed so that people who were unable to access it last time can try again.

6. Some of you were unable to listen to the Albinoni audio file format (aiff) last week; here are new links to audio for the Albinoni:

​​ albinoni ww.mp3
​​ albinoni full band.mp3

Have a great long weekend, GT and AB