OTown Octaves Week 4

October 10, 2019

This week started with sectionals.  Sectionals will also be held next week.
Sheila then shared the names suggested for our band.  See the list below at the bottom of this email, and get back to Sheila, at s.white@ncf.ca with your top three choices (in order of preference).
The Social Committee: Errol (trumpet) and Andrew (percussion) arranged an outing to Colonnade Restaurant, Carling at Woodroffe, after practice today.  Thanks guys; it was fun.
Annual General Meeting  Jill reminded everyone about the new Horizons Annual General Meeting that will be held on Sunday, October 27 from 2 until 3:30 in the Sanctuary of Woodroffe United Church.  The AGM is critical to the continuing operation of the bands and we hope to see you there.  See the band website, ottawanewhorizons.com and click For Members for more information about the AGM, including the AGM Agenda, minutes from the 2018 AGM, draft By-law changes, and nomination form for Board Directors.
Other dates to remember:
Sectionals will take place during the first hour on the following dates: October 17, 31, Nov 21
There will be no band on October 24 (the church is closed to prepare for their annual Bazaar)
ONHB concert will be on the aternooon of Dec 15th at Brookfield High School
Then we practiced Radensky March, getting it up to cut time, a new piece Danza Cortesa, and Highlights from Carmen.
Remember to continue listening to the Audio Links:
Happy Thanksgiving and see you next week.
Jill Heckman, band rep
Here are the suggested names for our band:
Canal Concertos
Canal da Capos
Capital Ensemble
Capital Tempo
Confederation Codas
Confederation Concertos
Confederation Sonatas
Dows Downbeat
Federal Fortes
Federal Fortissimos
Kitchissippi Keys
Landsdowne Legatos
Loonie Legends
LRT Blues
Main St Minstrels
Maple Leaf Dynamics
Maple Leaf Maestros
Maple Leaf Tempos
Market Marcatos
National Dynamics
National Harmonics
Nepean Nocturnes
Nepean Notables
O Town Octaves
O Town Ovations
OTrain Tunesters
Ottawa Obbligatos
Ottawa Octaves
Ottawa Ottavas
Ottawa Overtures
Parkway Prestos
Parliament Players
Parliamentary Prestos
Rideau Ritornellos
Signature Seats
Tunney’s Tempos
Tunney’s Tunes
Wellington Wave
Woodroffe Wanderers
Woodroffe Whoopies
Attachments area