Otown Octaves Nov. 21, 2019

Response re choosing which pieces to play at the ONH concert was very good.

  • Carmen was the overall winner.
  • Tango Mariana was the second choice.
  • Trampoline Jump and Polar Express were close as the third choice.

This practice focused on these pieces. We played through all four pieces, timed them, and we will be playing all four at the concert, in under 15 minutes.

Upcoming weeks:

  • Next week: a full rehearsal, preparing for the community concert the following week. We will also review Items 153 and 154 from Tradition of Excellence as we will be playing these at the Community Concert.
  • Community Concert, OTown Octaves will be performing on Dec 5 at Woodroffe Public School. Meet at the church at the usual time.
  • Ottawa New Horizons Concert, Sunday, December 15, 2:00PM at Brookfield High School.
    The concert for the ONH jazz bands will take place on Friday evening, Dec.13.

Volunteers for the Dec. 15 ONH Concert
Two volunteers are needed for stage crew to support the Stage Managers. Thanks Errol and Hedy for signing up for this. More detailed instructions for Stage Crew will be sent by the Stage Managers closer to the concert date

Two volunteers are needed from each band for refreshment set-up and clean-up. The sign up sheet will be available again next week.
Contributions are also needed. Many signed up this week, but we could use a few more. That sheet will be available next week as well.

Please remember to check your emails on practice day, in case of any changes.

Here are the listening links.