OTown Octaves band notes for Jan. 23, 2020

This weeks practice started again with clinics.
Angela Blackwell led the band this week. Thank you Angela. Sheila White will be back next week.

We received two new pieces this week: (with notes from Angela)
The Big Mambo, by Timothy Loest
Marcato, a little accented and detached, sort of pointy, whenever you have the bass rhythm. Remember, even some of the high wind parts get it.
Articulation (staccato, accents, tenuto) is crucial.
Percussion feature at bar 29!
Enjoy the slurs if you have them bar 41 on.

Themes from the New World Symphony, by Antonin Dvorak, arranged by Doug Adams.
Watch the cut off at the end of bar 46.
Be ready for the new speed at bar 47.
Watch the rit in bar 69 and the new speed in bar 70.

The listening links for these can be found on the Listening Links page under the Band Notes tab for OTown Octaves.

ONH band shirts are now available. Samples were shown. Please place you order with Jill Heckman at the next two practices. Cash or a cheque payable to ONHB is acceptable The Europe band will be wearing red at their performances.
Here is what is available:
Unisex cotton t-shirt – $20 (sizes S to 5XL) Black only
Polyester short-sleeved polo/golf shirt – ladies & mens – $35 (sizes XS to 3XL) Black or Red
Polyester long-sleeved polo shirt – ladies & mens – $40 (sizes XS to 3XL) Black or Red
Cotton short-sleeved polo/golf shirt – ladies & mens – $45 (sizes XS to 4XL) Black or Red

Jill Heckman,
band rep