OTown Octaves Band Notes for Jan 16, 2020

Hello All,
Welcome back, and welcome to those new to this band.

Angela Blackwell led the band this week and will again next week, as Sheila White had an unexpected change in her schedule.

New music was distributed. Thanks to Charlotte Newton, flute, the band librarian. Please contact Charlotte if you are missing anything.

We read through: (with notes from Angela)
Fanfare on a Theme of Imagination by Brian Balmages
Don’t worry about the changes of time signature, just keep counting steady quarter notes.
Accents are important, especially on the long notes so you can get out of the way of the interesting things happening. Same with fp.
Make sure you aren’t playing f at the beginning of the crescendos.

Western Fair by Ryan Meeboer
Get the notes and rhythm secure then have a close look at the tenuto, staccato and slurs.
Bar 81 nice flowing style for contrast.
Don’t be surprised by the very last note!

Ecossaise for Military Band by Ludwig van Beethoven
Don’t speed up when you play louder.
Keep it light, which is hard when it’s f.
Bar 33, key change, p and staccato important.

We also played Air for Band by Frank Erikson that was distributed last session.
Don’t forget to subdivide through the entire piece.
Keep the phrases long and smooth without lumps.
Dynamics, dynamics, dynamics!

You can find the listening links for these pieces below, and also on the Band Notes page of the New Horizons website.

Other band news:
Danielle Zion, tenor sax, in coordinating the ordering of band shirts for Ottawa New Horizons, Danielle will have samples and order forms available at new week’s practice. Shirts are ordered, and payment given to me as band rep to collect and then forward to Danielle.

Beth Doubt, clarinet, has volunteered to be the social convener for the band.

Nicky Romain, flute, has volunteered to be refreshment coordinator.

Thanks Charlotte, Danielle, Beth and Nicky for helping the band in these many ways.

Next week’s practice will start with sectionals, followed by an hour of full band. See you then.

Jill Heckman
Band rep

For the Listening links, look for the post on this section of the website for all the listening links for the Winter 2020 session.