OOtown Octaves Nov. 28, 2019

Thursday, December 5 is our Community Concert at Woodroffe Public School.

  • Please confirm your attendance by sending Sheila an email.
  • Park at Woodroffe United Church at about 12:45 and walk to the school, just south of the church.  There is NO PARKING at the school.  If you are dropping off people, or instruments, do that and then move your car to the church parking lot.
  • Thank you to those who have volunteered (Dale, May, Paul, George, David) to help move percussion instruments between the church and the school. Those people will meet at the church at 12:30.
  • We enter the school by the front door. You will be directed to the performance space (the gym) by the music teacher, MacArthur Millen, who will be greeting band members at the door. He has a list of the members of the band.
  • Once we are settled in place in the school gym, we will have a warm up at 1:30 and the concert will start at 2 pm.
  • The concert will end by 2:45
  • As buses will be at the front door of the school after the concert, we will need to wait until the buses have left to exit the school (approx 3:10)
  • We will wear a New Horizons shirt (if you have one), or something red or black.
  • *Remember to bring indoor shoes. We will be asked to leave our boots in the hallway so as to keep the gym floor clean and dry.

Program (in order) for this concert:
1. British Grenadiers March  (Trad Of Excellence, #153)

2. Danza Cortesa

3. Trampoline Jump

4. Tango Mariana

5. Highlights from Carmen

6. Polar Express

Ottawa New Horizons Concert on Dec. 15:

Thank you for all those who have volunteered to help with this concert.
Thanks Kathy Comfort for volunteering to set up and clean up refreshments.
We need one other volunteer for this from our band.
Errol Fletcher and Hedy Guyman have offered to assist the Stage Crew.  Thank you both.
Many have offered to bring refreshments. Thank you.

I will be forwarding all these names to the concert coordinator, Susan Palmer.