October 9, 2017

Hello Bytown Musicians,

Thank you all for your hard work and another excellent rehearsal!  We are very impressed by the progress that has been made in just one month of playing!  You will find that playing posture, embouchure, hand position, articulation and air support are starting to become coordinated and feel more natural!   Review pages 2 and 3 in the EE book, and keep checking yourself (a mirror can be handy), to make sure that bad habits do not interfere with your progress.

SmartMusic and Essential Elements Interactive are two ways to really maximise progress on learning to read music.  https://www.essentialelementsinteractive.com/


The social committee has proposed this outing:

Rainbow Bistro

76 Murray St

Fri. Oct. 20


Barry and the Blasters

$15 – proceeds go to United Way

can order tickets online and pick them up at the door

Holly will be checking to see if a table can be reserved for ONHB.


For those of you who want to use Essential Elements Interactive code is: EEBD-ATB4-NEJM-SRE8

Smart Music Activation code: WD84Y5Z5

This week we worked on:

– eyes on the conductor to show you are ready to play

–  raising and lowering our instruments in unison with the conductor (remain frozen until the conductor lowers the baton)

-Concert Bb

EE review 17, 21, 23, 25


This piece is sounding great! Please listen to the strings version of this to get the light and bouncy articulation. Like Symphony 40 by Mozart mvt 1 or Spring by Vivaldi. We attempted the full speed for those who felt ready (quarter note= 168)

Big Raven:(quarter note=80 and the a m.17 quarter note=138)

This is our most challenging piece!  The opening of this piece is very atmospheric , and the cymbal roll and whirling tubes adds so much!  You all showed great creativity in creating “nature sounds” – bird calls, wind swirling, waves on the coast. Remember this map:

measure 1 is a pause (conductor shows beat 1 and a hold with baton –  we all create sounds

measure 2  (conductor cues cymbal roll and shows 4 beats)  cymbal roll PLUS sound effects

measures 3 and 4 (conductor shows 4 beats per bar) clarinets/saxes begin haunting, quiet half notes with soft tonguing PLUS sound effects

measure 5  (conductor cues flutes) flutes begin the sustained, flowing melody PLUS clarinets/saxes, and sound effects continue quietly under the melody

We played the opening measures to get a sense of the soft, haunting clarinet-sax effect, and the beautiful melody played by the flutes. The tempo will change after the pause and some of you were able to play on and give us a sense of the next exciting section! SLOW  PRACTICE  will help us to keep this section together.  Try playing this faster section with robotic rhythmic precision!

Next week:

  • Continue in Essential Elements,
  • Look at twist and shout
  • Continue work on Big Raven
  • Hopefully a run through of Ogopogo (time allowing)
  1. Autumn Antonio Vivaldi (arr Douglas Wagner – the version that we will play a fast and lively allegro)


  1. Big Raven Vince Gassi (Toronto composer – inspired by the paintings of Emily Carr, the sounds of the forest, and legends surrounding the Raven)


  1. Ogopogo(Legendary Lake Creature of Okanagan Valley, BC)  Robert Buckley (Canadian)


  1. Twist and Shout 



watch this young band perform  at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=042is5jmMn8