October 19, 2018 Three New Selections

Hi everyone,

I think that that was a terrific rehearsal last night. Keep up the great work. The intonation is very good and excellent sight reading.

For next week, I would like everyone to work on attempting a solo in “Kansas City.” No pressure but if you would like to solo we can focus on that next week.

We will start with Kansas City next week.

Carpenters gives the bari sax an opportunity to be featured so let’s work on “the Carpenters” and pick up the Surf sound tempo. Baritone sax players work on your solos.

We will also work on “Backlash” and review “Blue Velvet”

In the second half of the rehearsal we will work on the syncopation in “FOUR

If you missed any music make sure that you get to practice early next week to pick it up.



Satin Doll

Also Note that next week is parent teacher interviews at Nepean High School and parking will be at a premium.

Thanks and have a great week.