October 17, 2018

October 17, 2018

Warm up started with Chorale, #56, p 9.   The focus was on playing together ensemble, phrasing and breathing after a phrase (4 bars).  The issue of playing p requires faster air, in order not to lose pitch.

Then we played Chorale #55, p.8, again with a focus on dynamics, playing p, breathing in the correct places (marked on the music).

We then worked on A Solitary Wish, where the Greensleeves theme is passed among various instruments.  Important to listen and for those providing  harmony to make sure those with the melody can be heard. The 4 note motif from Carol of the Bells is repeated in the percussion section on the bells and unifies the whole piece.  Rhythmic accuracy is really important.

Then we worked on El Camino from 74 (oboe solo) to 145.  This section sets a different tone – one of great emotion.  Trumpets and Tenor saxes lead the melody at 80, and supporting instruments need to keep the tempo of a dynamic waltz.  The section is quite emotional and needs to be played with feeling.  At 94, French horn and Alto Saxes take on the melody, but at 94, the flutes come in with  a counter melody so all need to be distinguished.  At 110 the Clarinets and Euphoniums take over, and need to be together and heard.  At 133 we are back to the quick tempo from the start.

Next week Oct. 24th we will continue work on A Solitary Wish, El Camino adding the final section and Twas in the Moon of wintertime and hopefully will get a bit of time on the World war 1 medley

Next week the flutes, oboes and clarinets will work with Vic in the second half of the rehearsal, while all other instruments will remain on stage.

Don’t forget we will not be rehearsing Nov. 7th but will be rehearsing on Nov. 14th.

Thank you everyone for your continued hard work each week.

(Thanks Katherine Elliott for your assistance with these notes!!)