Oct 3,2017 Notes

Reheasal Notes Week 3, October 3, 2017

Hello Bytown Musicians,
Great rehearsal this week! The sound we are making is growing more strong and steady.  Playing posture and “eyes on the conductor when ready to play” is really coming along nicely!
In the first 6 weeks of learning a new instrument there is so much to remember and coordinate but it becomes second nature before long! Attention to details in hand position, embouchure ( mouth- “bouche” in French), and posture will pay off!
This week we worked on:

– keeping our air support steady and flowing (you can try blowing steadily on a tissue to keep it on the wall as long as possible, as demonstrated by Anne and John!)

– review of instrument “rest position”

–  raising and lowering our instruments in unison with the conductor (remain frozen until the conductor lowers the baton)

We reviewed: lines between EE 1-13

We read: EE 14, 17, 18, 22

New next week: 24, 25

Ogopogo: (metronome marking final goal: quarter note=130)  We played the first half of this piece, with attention to a steady sound. Articulation was explained (add these when ready): staccato (short, detached), slur (tongue only the first note, and smoothly play the other notes under the slur on the same breath ), piano/forte (soft/loud), and crescendo/decrescendo (gradually louder/gradually softer). Remember to watch the conductor to see the two ‘characters’ the slow/legato/slurred one and the staccato/short one.

Autumn: (Metronome marking final goal: quarter note=168)

We read through bars 1-21 and we will work on articulation (how to play each note) next week. Please listen to the orchestral version of this one if you haven’t heard it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7hGiZ579cs

Next week, we will look at the first part of Big Raven (we need about four or five bird calls vocalized or whistled as well). Twist and Shout will be handed out, and You Must Know will be saved for the winter session.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

Cathy and Felicia