Oct. 10th, 2018

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We were originally scheduled to have November 14th off, but this has been changed.  We will not practice on November 7th as the auditorium is in other use, so we will practice on November 14th

No rehearsal Nov. 7, we will rehearse on November 14. 

We worked on World War II medley beginning to M.  Remember these are songs that are meant to be sung so paying attention to the phrases will tell you where to breathe.  Think in a  legato style.  Pay attention to unison – those playing off beats need to be together, and as different instruments play the melodies, they need to blend together on articulation as well as phrasing and dynamics.   Accompanying parts work on supporting the melodic line allowing it always to be heard.

Then we worked on ‘Twas in the Moon of Wintertime.  Important to remember that this is to have a mysterious/dark feel to it.  Again, please pay attention to phrasing and dynamic markings.

Before clinics, we worked on El Camino to 38.  Please continue to focus on articulation and clarity in faster passages.  (Trumpets remember to set up so that you are not blowing into your music stand.)

Next week we will read through ‘A Solitary Wish’ and then continue work on El Camino and World War 2 medley.

For sectionals next week all upper winds (flute, oboe, clarinet and alto sax will be with Ross in the library.

Brass and low woodwinds (tenor sax, bari sax, bassoon, bass clarinet) and electric bass will be with me in the staff room.  (rm 142)

Percussion will have one more session with Dom (on stage)  and next week (Oct. 24th) will join with the brass group.

The sound of the band continues to improve each week so Thank you all for your continued hard work and attention to aspects of musicality.