Nov. 22, 2016

Hello everyone.
Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.
1. Concert pieces
2. Social
3. Next rehearsal
4. Concert Date and Listening Links

1. Last week we voted on our concert pieces.  Our winners were:
-Counting Stars (2 min 31s)
-The Adventure Begins (3 min 33s)
-Mack the Knife (2 min 22s)
-Elf Dance (2 mins 55s)

2. Social reminder from Jackie: Last chance to RSVP! – If you are interested in going to dinner to celebrate the end of the fall session on Tuesday, December 13  from 6 – 8pm at Mamma Teresa Ristorante, 300 Somerset W, please let Sue in Bytown Beginners know by Tuesday (22nd)  or email her at so she can confirm reservation numbers. Space is limited, so don’t delay.

3. Next week’s order:

-The Adventure Begins
-Counting Stars
-Mack the Knife
-Elf Dance
Please look over:
The Adventure Begins
-practise 5-18 and 34-38 to get the rhythms down well. (Download the attachment for a slower version of the piece I made for easier practice)
-also look over bar 17
melody (fls, ob, altos at 38, trumpets at 56)
-practise melody with the dynamics we introduced…(bring the higher notes in jump down in dynamic and crescendo down to the lower notes)
altos and horns
-58 countermelody to solid!
low brass at 77

-practise notes and rhythm at forte to lead the section

trumpets, flutes, and oboes
-rising figure at 88
Elf Dance
low brass/low woodwinds/basses: 87-103
clarinets/horns: 103-111, 143-end
Counting Stars
bar 5 – 1st trombone volume!

bars 8-17: trbs/tenors, keep the melody fresh and crisp

4. Final Concert Date (still a ways away)

Wednesday 6:00 – 9.30 p.m. (7:00 p.m. concert start); 7-Dec-16

Please remember to bring indoor shoes or slippers when the weather is wet as it creates a huge amount of custodian work when we track water and mud (and dreadful November mud) into the church.
Best of luck preparing for the ten degree temperature drop.

Adrian C.

Listening Links:

Counting Stars arranged by Matt Conaway
The Adventure Begins by Matt Conaway
Mack the Knife arranged by Jack Bullock
Elf Dance by Matt Conaway
On a Hymnsong of Philip Bliss, by David Holsinger
Kinesis by Michael Sweeney 
El Camino Real by Alfred Reed, arranged by Robert Longfields