Notes from October 31

My apologies for sending and posting these notes later than usual! And thanks, everyone, for indulging my perfectionist habits at rehearsal. I’ll try to keep them under better control so we can get through more tunes each night! Notes from our last rehearsal appear immediately below, followed by a few announcements. See you soon!

Lo, How a Rose

  • Do not take a breath right before the downbeat of measure 3! If we were singing, that would be in the middle of a word.
  • Remember that repeated notes are not simply identical – each one comes from somewhere and is going somewhere. Always think of giving your musical phrases direction, but most especially when you’re playing the same note over again.

This arrangement is not ideal for our instrumentation. We’ll shelve it for now, and I’ll see about making it work for us next session.

Oye Como Va

  • We are making good progress on this tricky tune! Feel free to simplify your rhythms as and when needed; if you’d like to do this but aren’t sure how, please see me for suggestions.
  • When you’re practicing it, remember that rhythm is more important than pitch in this tune, and rests (silences) are more important than sounding notes, and playing together is most important of all.


  • In measure 45, begin to crescendo (get louder / more energetic), aiming for the downbeat of measure 47.
  • Accented notes at downbeats of measures 21 and 55 should be short, but light.
  • Counter-melody lines in low brass can be played with breath accents throughout, keeping notes sounding for their full values.

Linus and Lucy

  • Drum kit and bass can be prominent throughout.
  • Decrescendo (get quieter) from measures 31 to 38.
  • When you have long notes (half-notes, whole notes, etc.), play the beginning of the note at the marked dynamic level, then immediately bring your volume down, so that it’s easier for the other parts to come through.
  • The rhythm at measures 11, 13, 31, 33, 35, 37, 55 (flutes, oboes, clarinets) and 30, 32 (alto and tenor saxes, trumpet, horn) should be played as dotted quarter, eighth, half (tied) – NOT as written.

Post-rehearsal social this Wednesday, November 7
Everyone is invited to convene at Patty’s Pub after rehearsal this week.

Band rep
Big thank-you to David Spring for volunteering to be our Riverside Rondos band rep!

Photos on website and Facebook
If you allow your image to be shared, please initial the attendance sheet on the right side, under ‘Note (add photo permission)’. If you wish to ensure that your image is NOT included on the website or Facebook private ONHB group, please email Cathy ( and me.

Name tags
Please wear name tags to rehearsal. Many musicians indicated in the survey last fall that this is very helpful. To encourage everyone to do so, there will be a draw in the near future with fun prizes!

Laurel Plays in a Concert
I didn’t get this out early enough to tell you about my band’s free show at The Record Centre on Sunday, but the good news is, that was just a warm-up for another show: Friday, December 7 at the NAC Fourth Stage. Details here:

(I will also be playing with the Carleton Jazz Ensemble on Thursday, November 29 at 7:30 PM at the Kailash Mital Theatre at Carleton University.)