Notes from November 7

Hi gang,

Thanks for a terrific rehearsal last night! I hope you heard and appreciated the beautiful, nuanced music you made. All your hard work is paying off big time! I hope you’re having as much fun as I am.

And now, we take a little break. There will be no rehearsal next week, on November 14. We will resume (back and badder than ever!) on November 21. Remember to bring and wear your name tag, for a chance to win fun prizes!

In the Bleak Midwinter

  • Gentle, gentle beginnings of phrases at measures 1 and 41; exaggerate the crescendo AND the decrescendo
  • Flutes are the leading voice at measure 25; listen for them, and give them some extra space.

Linus and Lucy

  • At measure 39 (both times), Saxophones and Clarinet 3 divide up, so that only half of you are playing (to create more space for the melody and walking bass line); everyone can be back in at measure 47
  • Collective crescendo from measure 47 to 49 (then back to a more relaxed sound at measure 50)

Don’t Stop Believin’

  • Low brass, bari sax lay out at the beginning; come in strong at measure 24
  • Saxophones at measure 17 keep a gentle articulation, at piano dynamic
  • Saxophones, horn at measures 31-32 and 39-40, crescendo through your long notes

Oye Como Va

Great work getting all the way through this in one go!! We’ll save it for the spring concert, so that you can work on it in clinics in the winter session, but keep it handy in the meantime.


  • Almost everyone at measure 39 (i.e., everyone except trumpet) arrive at mf, then immediately get quieter to mp
  • Almost everyone at measure 47 (i.e., everyone except trumpet) arrive at mf, but then immediately get quieter to mp, even if you’re playing eighth notes
  • Remember the caesuras (full stop! train tracks!) at the end of measures 72 and 75 – watch the conductor!