May 5 – Reminders, Consolidated Links and MP3’s

Hi DJB’ers –

Here are a few reminders and clarifications.  Also, some people had difficulty finding the links to the previous term’s pieces that I had sent out last month, so I wanted to consolidate all the links we have for the 2018/19 seasons.

Practice on May 30:
The school is unavailable that night.  We will be at Woodroffe United Church in Scout Hall.

Our Band Notes Webpage:
If you’ve lost or misplaced an email that contains links or other important information, remember you can find all previous emails with significant information in them on our band notes page on the ONHB website.

Likewise, if you can’t remember information that was in a previous email blast (email blasts are those things that come from Ottawa New Horizons Band and are sent to members of all bands), you can find all the recent email blasts here.

Links and MP3’s.  Please note:

  1. These do not represent all of the pieces that have been played in 2018/19.  There are no known recordings of some of our arrangements.
  2. Some of the audio has been provided by the publishers.  In cases where the publisher does not provide a recording, Rocco has often been able to find YouTube videos of bands performing the same arrangement we have.
  3. Some pieces are not complete.  In some cases, the publishers only provide the audio for the first 2 minutes or so of a piece.
  4. I have left in Bloomin’ Jazzmen and Squares be Gone for future reference, even though we will not be looking at them again.

Any mp3’s that we have for our pieces can be found in our Dropbox folder.  Thanks to Shawn for converting the latest 4 links to mp3’s for us.  The advantage of mp3’s is that there are a variety of ways to slow them down so that you can practice along with them at your own pace.  These are discussed in detail in a previous band note.

Consolidated links:

New for Spring extension –

Older –

There are no recordings for the following:

  • Carpenters Now and Then
  • SpanishEyes
  • Blue Velvet
  • September Song