March 6, 2018

Hello Everyone,

We ran through all of our pieces! Congrats! I think everyone’s face needed a break after. Remember there is no rehearsal next week because of March break.

What we did:

EE: 90 (think relax, or breathe, or smooth… never think don’t ____ ), 91, 97 (great job trombones!), 103, 107,108, 113

Celtic Air: the > accents are important, so make sure you hold them for their full value and do not breathe after (unless that is how you have staggered breathing with a buddy). Make sure to watch the conductor for the speed before, during, and after we change speeds so no one gets to the ends first.

You Must Know:  This piece is a few short phrases (known as a motif or motives) that are played individually then layered on top of one another. Once you learn them, you are off to the races! Makes sure you keep the ^ accents short and when you have a triplet (like m. 16) aim for beat three so beat four is silent. Listen while you play [if you can] to hear who is with you.

Nottingham castle: we are well over the indicated speed for this one… Performance ready in week 8!! Dyanmics are very important and be confident and loud+strong when you have a forte

The Tempest: Remember this one is fast. At m. 63 I will go faster, so draw in some eyeglasses or highlight it… whatever it takes for you to look at me. The last note of this one is a long accent, so it is different from the rest of them.

in 2 weeks:

EE: 114, 131

Some Sight reading! … for fun!

All pieces

Important dates:

ONHB Concert: April 15

Retirement home concert: April 17

Ideas for retirement homes: Perley-Rideau, Oakpark, St.Vincent’s, CHEO

See you in 2 weeks!