March 27, 2018

What we did (pieces are in concert order:
  • Essential Elements 114, 131. Remember that we need to start thinking about larger units of playing (not note by note try bar by bar them larger groups)
  • Nottingham castle: Remember that where it says forte it should be! This piece is all about contrast so if a section is repeated then the first time through should be quieter and the second is louder, but the single loud of quiet note before these is its dynamic regardless.
  • You Must know: This piece is coming along great. 4/4 and 2/2 take up the same amount of time but one has less arm movement on my part. Try to work on subdivision as home this week (playing every single eighth note) at both a slow tempo and a faster tempo with a metronome. Then go back to playing it normally. Does the metronome line up properly? Especially at 33
  • Celtic Air and Dance: This is sounding pretty good! Make sure that you are listening around you and that the articulation matches the section that played the same part before you.
  • The Tempest: Great job for our volunteer guest conductor! Remember this one is fast!
Next Week:
  • Community Concert Pieces: 53, 69, 77, 112, 113, 114, 118, 131, 142, 167
  • All pieces+ lst session pieces. We will not be doing Autumn since it is spring
Important Dates:
End or year concert: April 15
Community Concert (Maybe Starwood or Hillel Lodge): April 17