March 20, 2018

Well done everyone on your sight-reading. I hope you enjoyed seeing the oddities that can be incorporated into concert band and orchestral music! These types of pieces are tons of fun and here is a link to Ancient Voices (notice the recorders instead of flute!)
What we did:
  • Sight-reading
  • The Tempest: remember this one is fast and we speed up even more at 63. Make sure you practice this with a metronome so you will know where you all behind and get ahead (often quiet and slurred sections fall behind and the louder more staccato sections get ahead)
  • Celtic Air and Dance: Make sure to listen to the melody so it does not get drowned out. There are many layers to this piece and they come together beautifully when it is properly balanced. Look carefully at the conductor, so you will see the tempo changes (you never know what I’ll do!)
  • You Must Know: This piece is the same basic ideas layered together, so these need to be really accurate. Metronome practicing helps, but you need to draw in the beats so you know which notes happen on or off the beat. Feel free to try to do Karaoke with this one (play with the recording), but also play it very slowly.
Next Week:
  • 114, 131
  • All pieces
Important Dates:
End or year concert: April 15
Community Concert (Waiting for confirmation from St. Vincent’s): April 17