Letter of introduction and welcome. Sept. 16, 2018

Hello everyone,
I would just like to welcome everyone to Downtown Jazz Band. My name is Rocco Romeo and I will be directing the band during the fall term.

If you wish to reach me you may email me or contact me by phone at 613-866-2104. You may also text me but make sure that you leave a name with your message. I have no data on my phone therefore, unless I am at a computer I cannot read emails. So, call or text is easiest.

We will be rehearsing at the Nepean High School music room located at 574 Broadview Avenue. Our first rehearsal will be on Thursday , September 20th and you should arrive at 6:30 pm to get orientated to the room and find your seat etc….. There is lots of parking at the front of the school  (Broadview) and you may also park at the rear off of Princeton on the north side of the school. Anyway I am certain that you can figure it out.

Entering the school the first evening may be a challenge but the front doors off of Broadview should be open. I will be at the school first so you may also wish to enter by the Princeton Avenue side door. You can’t miss it as the music room has a picture window and the entrance to the music room is right there.

I will have a set of folders available with each person’s name on it. I have complete folders for everyone but since there are so many Altos and Tenor saxes, you may wish to negotiate who plays first and who plays second for various songs.We can go through a democratic process. The repertoire focuses on traditional tunes with melodies that are varying degrees of difficulty.

You should have at the first rehearsal your instrument and all accessories. I will supply you with folders and music. You must also have a pencil and eraser, Please print off this email and bring it with you to the first rehearsal. I am sure that there are lots of questions and I would be happy to answer them at the first rehearsal. Please bring all you questions then.

The Downtown Jazz Band will also require a band representative who can be elected, appointed, volunteer. or all of the above. In any case, we can discuss the representative’s role and duties at our rehearsal.  Let me know if you would like to be considered for the position.

There may also be a social aspect to the rehearsal and we may have refreshments supplied by members during our breaks. Let me know if this is practical. Again we can discuss this at our first rehearsal.

Here is the repertoire that we will be working on.

1. Spanish Eyes
2. Blue Velvet
3. How High The Moon
4. 1.21 Gigawatts
5. Georgia On My Mind
6. Carpenters Now and Then
7. Puttin’ On the Ritz
8. Kansas City

I am certain that I have missed stuff but let us meet on Thursday and figure things out together.

I look forward to meeting everyone.

Best wishes,
Rocco Romeo