JJB What’s New for January 17? Read on…..

Great first rehearsal, Jumpin’ Jazz Band!

Rehearsal 1 –

We got to know each other , and break the ice with some jazzy conversations on our instruments.  Play is work!

Played :  Concert band arrangement of 25 or 6 to 4, and compared it to….

                 Jazz Band arrangement of 25 or 6 to 4

                 Exercises on first couple pages in the Essential Elements Jazz (red book)

                 Stay Cool

Technique is key to a good sound, precise and confident rhythms, and clean articulations,  entries and cut-offs.  Slow practice and learning good technique from professionals is important.  We will be working in clinics on January 31 for the second hour.  Work hard between now and then, and write down any questions or concerns you have (Example:  How can I avoid squeaking or playing a higher pitch when I play accents? Please demonstrate a “fall off”).  

Listening is key, too. Look up some of the jazz artists that were mentioned and listen to some of their music.  Can you hear the SWING rhythms?  We have included some for you below, as well as the links to the pieces we distributed this Wednesday.  More to come! ☺

Options for social time:    (be ready to vote next week for your favourites)

Dinner at Broadway Bar and Grill before band       5- 6:30    a) once   b) once a month

After-band “Macrame session”at a local establishment   a)  once     b)  once a month  c) each week, whoever can make it

Half time refreshments – kick in $5 and someone volunteers to look after

Half time refreshments – sign up sheet, each week a couple of people bring a snack and beverage

Half-time social – each musician brings their own and we socialize for 15 minutes

The Latest News:  

Standard of Excellence Jazz Books (1998 edition) will be in soon.   $20 cash or cheque to Ottawa New Horizons Band

We are borrowing the Essential Elements Jazz (red book) set, but if you find it helpful, it can be purchased at St. John’s Music (10% off for ONHB musicians),  Long & McQuade, or ordered at Leading Note (Elgin St.)with a 10% discount for education  (ONHB qualifies, ask sales lady: Sheilah)

This week’s Swing Listening Links ( check out the band leaders’ style, the cool fashion, different tempi and styles of swing, and the improv).  

Moe Koffman Swingin’ Shepherd Blues https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3h-dwY1Y2dc&list=RD3h-dwY1Y2dc&t=107

Cannonball Adderly    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3h-dwY1Y2dc&list=RD3h-dwY1Y2dc&t=107  

Dave Brubeck- Take Five


Now, take a listen to some of our Jumpin Jazz charts…. more to come!

Frankenstein https://www.halleonard.com/viewaudio.action?itemId=7010971&fileName=https://s3.amazonaws.com/halleonard-audio/07010971.mp3

25 or 6 to 4 (Jazz version)


Stay Cool (Vince Gassi, Canadian – U Western grads can swing!)


If you don’t have SmartMusic, here is an example of how you use this great tool!  You can see your part of Jammin’ With Charlie (and all the other songs in the book), listen for the count-in, and start playing the piece. The green line moves along to the beat, showing you where you are, as well as keeping that steady beat for you.  Notes that turn green mean you played them the correct pitch and rhythm, and notes which show up in red are the notes you should work on.

Here is a demo of Jammin’ With Charlie: