JJB Week 2 Rehearsal Note

Thanks for a great second rehearsal! Hope that those of you with cold and flu symptoms feel better soon!

In this note: 

  1. Small group clinic teacher names and rooms for 1st hour, next rehearsal, Sept 30.
  2. Tip of the week
  3. What we played at rehearsal Sept. 23
  4. Save the evening of Friday, Dec. 13 – our concert at Brookfield HS!
  1. Go directly to your clinic rooms next Monday (set up, warm up-  between 6 – 6:25)

Neil –     music room #154           rhythm section (guitars, piano, kit, aux.)

Zac –      staff room                       saxes and flutes

Rocco/Heather – auditorium stage   trumpets and clarinets

Colin –    music office area           trombones

  1. Tip of the week: Edit your music so you can play steadily, at a smooth tempo. Leave out some less important (eighth or sixteenth) notes that tend to trip you up.  Notes on beats 1 and 3 are often more critical.

3. Here is what we played at rehearsal (listening links – click the title):

Pink Flamingo Night (Sorenson) pro band – excerpt

Pink Flamingo Night (Sorenson) – high school band Ex.A  Bb Blues Scale page 14, piece page 16 -17 with awesome one and two note solos using the flat 3 and 4 of scale.       Reminder:  Don’t hold it – get off the last note of measures 5, 7, 9

NEXT: Try Karen Donnelly warm up using one note of the scale – two bars of each: whole note, half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes, sixteenth notes. Do the next note of the scale, etc.

Play exercises C, D and improv practice (page 15) daily this week in IPS (Smart Music or Free Interactive Practice Studio)

Blue Bossa  We played measures 8 – 24      Reminders– last note in measure 9 – get in on the off- beat, (before beat 1 in measure 10).  Also, observe the dotted half note+ eighth pattern in measure 19.

NEXT:  Work on measures 1-7 * piano  solo

Autumn Leaves/Les Feuilles Mortes    We played Unison practice pattern – four bars – (get in on the “and of 1”) and measures 1 – 19       Reminder – fl/sax  measures 4 and 10 are same rhythm, and m 6 and 8 are the same rhythm.       tr/cl measures 12 and 18 are same rhythm, and 14 and 16 are the same rhythm.

NEXT:  m 20 – 27

Ain’t No Sunshine   We played m 1 – 19         Reminder: sax/fl m 8-9;   tr/cl m 16 – 17  tmb  m 32-33 “Ain’t no   sun/ shiiiine when she’s gah –ahhn, and she’s al-ways gone too lo —ng, a-ny-tiiiime she goes a wa—-y

NEXT: trombones get the tune, and others echo (note that echo rhythms are not exact echo of trombones, so learn your part, listen to your instrument in the recording!) –  measures 28 – 36

Afro Blue    We played measures 5- 12 (*guitar solo with rhythm section from 9 – 12)

NEXT:  work on dynamics m 5-8  ( diminuendo), m1-4,   and  m 21-28