JJB Rehearsal Notes October 29, 2018


Congratulations and a BIG thank you to Art Stewart (JJB) and Jackie Scheffel (EE and CC)!  We are very fortunate that they will be joining the ONHB board!

Dates to mark in the calendar:

Tuesday, November 13, 2018 is our tornado “replacement rehearsal”  .  That makes two nights in a row, Monday, Nov. 12 and Tuesday, Nov. 13! Right after Remembrance Day Sunday… so it will be easy to remember).  Thanksgiving holiday was calculated in our scheduling – we started a week earlier than the other bands, to make up in advance for missing the Oct. 8 rehearsal.

Monday, Nov. 26, 2018 a fabulous guest conductor (Neil Yorke-Slader, conductor of Nepean All-City Jazz Band) will be taking us through our concert tunes.  You don’t want to miss the fun – and you will learn a lot!!

Sunday, December 16  ONHB Concert at Brookfield HS.  TO BE CONFIRMED SOON: Concert Bands perform between 1-3,  Jazz Bands between 4-5:15.  Warm up about 1 hour before the concert. Organize car pooling now, as parking will be limited… we have many fans (family and friends!).

Photos on website and Facebook:

If you allow your image to be shared, please initial the attendance sheet at the right side, under “Note (add photo permission)”.    AND   If you wish to ensure that your image is NOT included on the website or Facebook private ONHB group, please email Cathy (wilcoxceo@gmail.com)

Name Tags

Please wear name tags to rehearsal.  Many musicians indicated in the survey last fall that this would be very helpful. To encourage everyone, there will be a draw for those wearing nametags in the near future with fun prizes!

Rehearsal Notes:

This week, during our final sectionals, we worked on soli sections in Moondance and Into the Sun.  During band rehearsal, we played through Jumpin’ Jellybeans, So What, Stay Cool, Into the Sun, Moondance.  Many of these tunes are really coming together, but we still have some places to polish up. We will get to work on improv and all the pieces next week, although we will definitely not be performing Jumpin’ Jellybeans or ‘Round Midnight at the concert, in case you wish to focus your efforts.  Below are the notes and links for this week, and please review carefully (print off?) last weeks’ notes for reference while practicing as well (with apologies for that fiasco!)

In the following notes, I have noted most of the solos, and included a suggested solo instrumentation for each piece. This is not written in stone.  If you are ready to try out YOUR solo, let me know.  No pressure.  We will continue to try out a few two note and melody improvs over the next three weeks. To be fair to the people who will solo for the concert, the last two- three rehearsals we will give them the time to make sure they are confident – “they” could be YOU. We are the newbie jazz band… all your friends will  be completely understanding and pulling for you!

Jumpin’Jellybeans (from First Place in Jazz)  – exercises on improvisation, and play-along recordings (select your tempo) are available by following the directions on page 1 of your book (online Interactive Practice Studio  on the Kjos website).  This piece is not for performance, but is primarily to help you gradually build knowledge and confidence with improvising through learning about chords and notes to use, and then applying this knowledge by playing the exercises.  Play each line as written, listening carefully to the tone, pitch and rhythm of the professional playing it, then echo it back.  The second time you hear it, you can echo it back again, or if you “nailed it” the first time, try a two bar improv using the pitches played. Try improvising during the solo section of the recording (two note solo, melody based on concert Bb scale, embellished melody solo)

So What (Miles Davis arr Sweeney) * clarinet/ tenor sax solo? https://www.jwpepper.com/sheet-music/media-player.jsp?&type=audio&productID=2470822

Ain’t Misbehavin’  (Thomas “Fats” Waller arr Ford) *piano solo, vibe solo) trumpets and flutes, m 19-21, play slurs playfully here, (first note of slur is stronger, and emphasize beat 3 in m 19, then beat 1, m20, and HIT that + of beat 4 in bar 20 like you mean it, throw away the next note (“dot”); trombones soli (mark it in and play it out-  begin m 21  https://www.jwpepper.com/sheet-music/media-player.jsp?&type=audio&productID=2467587

Moondance (Van Morrison arr Lopez) * SOLI: trumpet 1+ tenor 1 soli begins m 4 and m 92, trombones begins m 36, trumpets b m 40, sax soli b m 20 and m77,

Practice singing your part, to really feel the accents.  EVERYONE should be able to sing their part with accents using syllables that help you remember.  Sing this saxy part, singing laid-back swung eighths, then short accent, long accent, short accent, short accent, smooth swung eighths, then long accent.

Example of sung syllables that are helpful:

beedoobee dooooooooobeedoo dot/  BAAM dot / dot / dooooooobeeedoo BAH

Do you find this phrase in your music?

Saxes and trumpets, sing 12 – 16 to fix up the rhythm ” ba dot “in m16 and to get the flow and articulations, then sing m 12 – 21


Stay Cool (Vince Gassi) Colour-code the road map! Draw arrows pointing to where you go back and write the measure number near the arrow.


Into the Sun (Sorenson) (Latin – reggae) last piece from the book we used in January (purple and black- Standards of Excellence for Jazz  – Pearson and Sorenson) * trumpet /tenor sax/ percussion solos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nue-pMTg20


Round Midnight  (Cootie Williams and Thelonius Monk  arr Smukal) *tenor sax solo