Jazz Sonic Tonic Rehearsal Note Oct. 1 – Oct. 8

Hello Jazz Musicians!

It was fun to see everyone together on screen and playing!  As I mentioned in rehearsal, much of the music selected for this session has flexible instrumentation and will also work in a smaller combo, so when the opportunity arises in the future, you will be ready!
Our next rehearsal is Thursday, October 8. Please have your music in this order:
Isn’t She Lovely
Blue Skies
Sunny Side of the Street
Shallow will be added Oct 22. (Reminder: No Sonic Tonic on Oct. 15) and later we will try out Cute and Easy Does It for a challenge.
While in rehearsal, please use the chat feature in zoom to provide me/Harry with feedback on which pieces or specific measures you want clarification on rhythms, etc.  Feel free to send me an email with any questions or suggestions on how the rehearsals can be improved.
As you requested, here are the final tempos  (tempi) for the repertoire:
Focus pieces (in order of difficulty. Play what you can, and keep working to build skill, or build your chops, as they say in jazz!)
Blue Skies (quarter note = 132 swing)
Isn’t She Lovely  (quarter note = 116 rock shuffle)
Sunny Side of the Street (quarter note = 132)
Birdland (quarter note = 152-160 fast rock/jazz fusion.  Will be eventually conducted in 2 to a bar at tempo- the eight beat click is half note = 80)
Additional charts with solo features:
Splanky (quarter =120 ) bass, piano, alto sax
Cute (quarter note =138) drum
Shallow (quarter note = 94) alto sax, plus other featured instruments
Easy Does It (quarter note = ) trumpet, clarinet, tenor sax could also look at the trumpet solo?
The book I am reading, for those interested, is The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto. The narrator is Music, and all famous musicians encountered by the fictional Frankie are detailed with  historic accuracy. Although Frankie “grabbed a fistful of musical ability at birth”, throughout the book, his practice routine is many hours each day.  As Thomas Edison is credited with saying “Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration
Happy perspiring!
PS. From Jackie Scheffel-
Editing your video screen name to include your instrument

If you wish to do this before the next rehearsal, follow these steps:

– open the Zoom application on your computer/tablet
– click on your profile picture icon (if you haven’t chosen a picture yet, it will display your initials) at top right of screen
– click on My Profile in the drop-down menu
– click on Edit button to the right of your name and simply edit your name as you wish (HINT – keep it short, maybe first name/last initial/instrument)
– don’t forget to click “save changes” just below that!
Otherwise, if the band leader enables this “rename” feature prior to the next rehearsal, follow these easy steps when you join next Wednesday while in the Zoom rehearsal:
– hover your cursor near the top right of your video screen picture
– click on the blue button with the three dots (or the button might be entitled “More”)
– you should see “rename” in the drop-down menu; just click on this and go from there!