January 24 – Rehearsal Notes

January 24 Rehearsal

Excellent 2nd rehearsal! Thank you all for your focus and willingness to try soloing!☺


Rehearsal 2


Played:           Reviewed swing rhythms out of the red book

Started working on syncopation in a swing style

Performed 1 note solos around the room with a swing pattern

“My Dinner with Ronald” out of the purple book

Blues Scale

Performed 1 – 3 note solos using the Blues Scale in a rock groove

“Jammin with Charlie” out of the purple book

“25 or 6 to 4” – fixed some balance and dynamic issues


Continue thinking of technique questions for our clinics next week. These can be for your specific instrument or about jazz/swing/rock/blues in general. A fun thing to do during a practice session is to look up a “Blues backing track in B-flat” on YouTube and try our 1 – 3 note solos with the blues scale on your own. It really gets the mind going in a different way than simply practicing the notes and rhythms ☺


Blues Scale

For those of you who wanted the blues scale in terms of the scale degree:

1 – b3 – 4 – #4 – 5 – b7 – 1

(b = flat, # = sharp)


Social & Snacks

Next Week After Rehearsal – “Hometown Sports” on Bank just north of Heron

-We can decide if we want this to be a weekly or monthly occurrence when we are there

Bring your own snacks and water if you wish to eat during our break.