January 23, 2018

The Tempest won the vote! If you do not have music for a certain piece PLEASE EMAIL ME, so that I can have it ready for you the next week.

There will be 1 more beginner catch-up clinic. Then all beginners will join the other clinics (if they haven’t already).

What we did:

  • Essential Elements: 43,49,55
  • Pieces: Review of Nottingham Castle 71 to the end, 4 before 71 we took very slow to hear when the specific instruments came in. We also looked at the beginning of You Must Know and clapped the rhythm all together.

Next week:

  • Essential Elements: 58-70
  • The Tempest:
  • You Must Know: 1-16
  • Celtic Air: 1-25 again


See you all next week!