January 16, 2018

Thank you everyone for a great first rehearsal. We welcome the new beginner who have bravely joined us!

What we covered:

Essential Elements- Plenty of review up to line 30

Pieces: Nottingham Castle 61-end. We got 71 to the end up to speed (quarter note=88) and we did 61-71 super slowly. When you practice start slow and work your way up to speed. Work with a metronome and build up the speed.

Next Week:

We are voting on Starlit night vs. Tempest, so please listen to the links and look at your parts.

Essential elements: #50-60

Pieces: Nottingham castle mm. 44-end, Celtic air and dance up to m.25, You must know mm. 1-8



Bring money to buy a band shirt! If you are on the Ireland trip you MUST have a band shirt


Listening Links:

You Must Know: http://www.enpmusic.com/sound/CB11197.mp3