Jan. 16th

Thank you all for a really good first rehearsal.  We read through a lot of music, just to get a feel for the selections.  The sight reading went really well.  The sight reading of  new music is always challenge and most musicians can feel a little overwhelmed at first but then of course we work away at it to get it under our fingers!

For the coming week, we will focus on 4 pieces:

Abracadabra (up to about measure 79)

Jupiter (up to 48)  (Feeling this in cut time 2/2)

Jitterbug first section (Up to 77) Take it slow to start, remembering that the 8th notes are swung.  The first in a group of 2 is basically twice as long as the second note. Although there are very detached parts, many of the patterns are played in a very smooth, legato manner.

Golliwog’s Cakewalk paying attention to the syncopated patterns and the crisp articulation.

We will focus on these sections in the clinics as well as doing some work on general  instrument specific challenges.

Here is a link to a site with many links to various listening exemplars.  It is always helpful to be listening to outstanding players on your instruments.  Just having a sound model that we would like to emulate can help us improve our sound immensely.


Here once again are links to recordings of some of our selections for this season.

A Golliwog’s Cakewalk
Among the clouds
Jupiter (arr. W. Owens)
Whispers from Beyond
World War 1 medley
El Camino Real (Reed arr. Longfield)

To keep in our repertoire from last term

We confirmed Gail Taillon as our new band rep..Thank you Gail for taking on this very important role.